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Light Your Candles With Ease

Before I begin with anything, I must begin by telling you that I am addicted to candles. I literally have a closet for my candles. It's a guilty pleasure, I admit it. Since I do have this love for candles, I know the struggle, more than the average person, of trying to light one. Have you ever tried to light a deep candle with a regular lighter? You either burn yourself or you have to flip the candle upside down or to the side to light it. It is so annoying and it is a struggle. Also, for non-smokers, it's annoying because I can never find a lighter. I have been using our grill lighter, but that is only if I can find it! One thing that I never though of was a candle lighter. Did you know that there are lighters specifically made for lighting candles? Did you know you could actually light your candles with ease?

The Cricket Holiday Candle Lighter & Stand is the PERFECT gift for candle lovers! This stylish lighter looks great next to your candles. This candle lighter is unique in so many ways. First of all, it has a long stem, so it can reach into any candle and light it without a problem. The stem is also great to prevent wind from blowing the flame out, as it does with regular lighters. This would be a great candle lighter for outdoor candles. To light the candle, you simply pull the trigger. It is very easy to use! My favorite part about this Cricket Candle Lighter is the stand. I think it is such a cool idea. You can sit your lighter up in the stand and it looks great! It fits right into any home decor because of the sleek look! This is an incredible idea for a candle gift basket for holidays and birthdays!

You can buy yours at Bed Bath & Beyond Stores Nationwide! 

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