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Mary Lamberts Heart On My Sleeve Album Review

We all know Mary Lambert as the beautiful voice on the “Same Love”  collaboration with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Ever since her instant fame from the song, Mary Lambert has been working hard on her own album! Her voice touched me so much when “Same Love” first came out that I had to search to learn more about the beautiful voice. I learned from my research that Mary Lambert had another version of Same Love, which was titled “She Keeps Me Warm”. After watching this it was clear to me, Mary Lambert is a part of the LGBT community! I am a HUGE advocate for equality, so I knew that I needed to review her new album, “Heart on My Sleeve.”

Mary Lambert is a singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice. After 9 months of hard work, “Heart on my Sleeve” is finally available for purchase! When purchasing an album from a new artists, a few questions always arise:

1. Is this artist a One Hit Wonder?
2. Why should I support this artist?
3. Is she any good?

Well my friends I am here to give you my honest opinion to put all of your questions at ease. Being a part of the music industry, I can listen to a song and tell right away if it will be a hit or not. I love indie artists, but I want to know that they will make it! I want to know that there songs will be played on the radio stations that I listen to! Let's face it, unless you're a rapper, you just wont make it as an underground artist. Artists NEED radio play to become mainstream! So let's start with Question 1. Is this artist a One Hit Wonder? The answer is NO. While listening to “Heart on my Sleeve,” I knew 5 songs into the album that Mary Lambert is an incredibly versatile artist. Being versatile means that she could do so much with her music and voice and well, she does! Yes, some of her songs ARE indie songs and will never be played on the radio, but that's okay. Not every song can be a hit! That doesn't mean it isn't a fantastic song! The hits on “Heart on my Sleeve” are very apparent. Let me explain…


Heart on my Sleeve Track Overview 

Track 1. Secrets– This song is really cute and quirky. I would classify this as Indie Pop. I could see very young girls LOVING this song. The bridge is incredible, the rhythm changes and you hear a falsetto voice singing, then you hear laughing which leads back into the chorus.

Track 2. So Far Away– I LOVE this song. It is probably my favorite on the entire album. It is a sweet love song. This song could definitely be a hit! I could see this being played on repeat, requested on radio stations, and being played in movies. there's nothing like a song that brings out emotions in you, like So Far Away does. Mary Lambert reminds my of Christina Perri in this song.

Track 3. Rib Cage– Remember how I said that Mary Lambert is versatile? Listen to this song and you will know exactly why I say that. This song is incredible. With a hip hop beat, and an emotional voice, Mary Lambert KILLS this song (In the best possible way). When you think you know what the song is all about, K Flay comes in with an incredible second hook that leaves you wanting more. Toward the end of the Angel Haze drops a verse that secures this song as a HIT in my book!

Track 4. Dear One (Poem)– This is a beautiful poem that makes you smile and want to cry all at the same time. Mary Lambert speaks this poem and her voice is so full of emotion you would swear that she was speaking right into your heart. What a BEAUTIFUL poem!! This is another favorite on this album

Track 5. When You Sleep–  This is a song with a slower melody. With just a piano and her voice, this song really displays Mary Lambert's talent! Her voice is incredible in this song. The lyrics are so beautiful and meaning full. What a beautiful love song!

Track 6. Chasing the Moon– This is a pretty song, not my favorite. I think it's a good addition to her album. I like the lyrics. It gives you a bit of insight into her life. It also makes you reminisce on your past.

Track 7. Jessie's Girl– Yes, it is a new spin on the original! What a BEAUTIFUL cover of Jessie's Girl!! It is a slow cover. It really makes you think of feel emotions that the original song didn't bring. With Mary Lambert's flawless voice, you cannot help but to want to listen to her sing all night long.

Track 8. Monchromatic– Immediately, I love the beat of this song. The panning of the drums give this song a nice width. With high pitched hits and low pitched kicks, this beat is is really beautiful. The lyrics are relatable and unique.

Track 9. Heart on my Sleeve– What a very fun beat. The percussion makes me think of a old school hip hot kit. You hear very unique swells throughout the song. This song could definitely be a hit song. It is really catchy! It isn't fast paced or slow. The lyrics are easy to learn. It's a great song to sing along to!

Track 10. Wounded Animal– Mary Lambert's voice gives me goosebumps. She is comparable to Sarah McLachlan. She has the right amount of pitch and depth to really make your heart fill with emotion.

Track 11. Sum of Our Parts– LOVE this song! The beat is so good! This song is empowering. It could be a song that you'd expect to hear on the radio.

So as far Question 2. Should You Support This Artist? YES! Any artist that writes their own music , as well as sings, gets an extra point in my book! She is an incredible singer and she doesn't need FX and edits on her voice to make her sound wonderful. I respect REAL talent and I hope that you do too. Question 3. Is she any good? Well, clearly she is incredible! Just watch the video to see for yourself.

You can preorder this album right now here:

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  1. I am definitely going to check out her music, sounds fabulous!

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