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My June 2014 FAVORITES ★


1. PB Crave’s Peanut Butter – Mmm. That’s what I say every time I think of this delicious peanut butter. Everything about it is top quality. The texture is smooth and creamy. The flavor is tasty and memorable. I cannot stop raving about this delicious peanut butter. My mom tried it with me (as seen in the review video) and she is the same as me. She ate a sandwich the day after we did the taste testing video and each day she kept hinting around to wanting more. Hahaha. We love it. My boyfriend doesn’t eat Peanut Butter, but he thought all of them smelled delicious. These peanut butters are unique and delicious, that is why these made it to my June’s Favorite List! The price for these peanut butters is great. You have many options when buying from their site! You can also enter my GIVEAWAY for your chance to win a FULL SIZE pack of all 4 flavors!!




2. Newman’s Own Organics– Talk about great organic snacks! I am NOT exaggerating when I say that these snacks are next to impossible to put down! I began munching on the Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies the other night and I had to literally force myself to put the bag away. Ahh they are so flavorful! My boyfriend finally tried these snacks for the first time last night and he loves them too! His favorite pretzels were the pretzel sticks because he says that they are salted just right. The bags he couldn’t put down though were the Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies. He alternated between those two bags, and I mean literally back and forth with each cookie, until he ate too many and I had to take them away! Hahaha. These snacks are so yummy. I am not the biggest fan of sweets, but these cookies were right up my alley. My mom tested these snacks with me (as seen in the review video) and she loved them. She was visiting me for the weekend and I ended up sending the Figs, Cranberries, Ginger Snaps, Sour Apple Licorice, and the Chocolate cream filled chocolate cookies with her because those were all her favorite (She made out like a bandit! She’s spoiled.Hehe). These snacks would make great add on gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or even Valentine’s Day. I know my grandfathers would both devour these snacks within a couple of weeks. The moral of my story is to give these snacks a try. If organic isn’t your thing, these snacks will DEFINITELY change your mind! This is why these made it to my June’s favorite list! The best part is that you can buy these at Amazon and a few other online stores. If you are more of an “I need to see it before I buy it” type of person, you search your area for stores that are carrying them! You can also enter my GIVEAWAY for your chance to win a FULL SIZE 4 pack of my favorite snacks of the ones that I tasted- Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies, High Protein Pretzels, Sour Apple Licorice, and Cranberries.




Disclosure: These are solely my personal opinions on the products/sites. I was not told to write this review and I would only suggest items that I would purchase myself and that I have 100% faith in! 

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