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New Five Star Products for #BackToSchool

With school beginning soon and back to school shopping in full swing, parents want to make sure that they get the best deals and the very best products for their children. There are so many brands and products to choose from these days that shopping can be a bit overwhelming. We all want a good deal, but we also want to make sure the products we are choosing will last for the entire school year or even longer! 

#BackToSchool with Five Star

Five Star has just released two new products that are convenient, durable, and stylish. Five Star is a brand that I am very familiar with because they always seem to keep up with the latest trends in back-to-school products. I think that most people have come across Five Star a time or two and many of us have owned countless Five Star products, from notebooks to backpacks. I want to recommend a couple of highly rated products for your back to school shopping. 

Five Star Expandable Backpack

The Five Star Expandable Backpack is PERFECT for kids of all ages, but I could really see it being very useful for college and high school students because of their heavy workload. It comes in a variety of colors and it's very stylish. Not only does it look cool, but it's very comfortable to carry. Ergonomic straps distribute the weight of the backpack to make it easy to comfortably carry a heavy load. This backpack is extremely special because of it's expandable compartment. It expands for up to 4″ of extra storage space for textbooks, zipper binders and more! Where was this when I was growing up? I remember struggling to carry books, binders, and everything else home from school. There were times when I would just leave my books at school because I didn't want to carry them.

On top of the expandable compartment and cool design, there are a ton of extra pockets for pens, pencils, phone chargers, and other items that you may need to carry to and from school. There's even a special padded pockets to protect your laptop. I am not in school anymore, but I will be carrying this backpack with me on all of my trips. I love the pockets, the comfort, and the style of this bag. It's perfect to travel with! 

Five Star Expandable Pocket

Another great back to school item is the Five Star 2″ Expandable Pocket. I am currently using mine for my blog work. This is a great product for students and business professionals. The top handle makes it easy to carry like a briefcase. It's made of water resistant materials, so you can carry it in rain or shine. You can carry up 580 sheets in this expandable pocket! It's convenient, thoughtfully made, and a perfect size. You can slip it right into your backpack, locker, or under your desk without any difficulties. It's made so well that it will never be too bulky. If you have a tablet that you need to carry with you, there is a padded pocket that will protect it. This pocket is also like a binder in the sense that it has 3 rings to hold all of your loose leaf papers.

Five Star is a reliable and established brand that always makes it way onto my school shopping list. The products I mentioned are just a couple from their extended list of back to school products. You can find student planners, notebook, locker organization, and much more!

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Five Star Backpack and Binder

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  1. Alison Gibb says:

    My favorite thing about Five Star is the durability of their products!!

  2. laurie murley says:

    I like the selection of their products. I also like that they last for a long time

  3. Sally Gearhart says:

    My favorite thing about Five Star is that it is a brand that has been around for awhile! I am familiar with so I trust it’s a good product for the price! 🙂

  4. denise low says:

    This very nice. And it looks like great quality

  5. Dorothy Boucher says:

    One of my favorite things I like is that five star backpacks are sturdy, roomy and are made for all ages

  6. Katherine Riley says:

    5 Star is know for making high quality and stylish products. I really like the binder.

  7. Patricia Delgado says:

    I remember my 5 star products from the 90’s they lasted me all through middle and high school. They’re so durable!

  8. Helen says:

    These look very durable and as if they were made to last the whole school year.

  9. Hi want to let you know the retweet @joyceDuboise on twitter when click on it says twitter says this does not exsit???

  10. This looks and sound like what the kids need for school

  11. Karen Nadeau says:

    This looks like really nice gear to use. There is lots of room and pockets. I am loving it.

  12. Marti Tabora says:

    I really like backpacks that are durable. It seems they won’t last very long if they aren’t made really well.

  13. Sara says:

    This is really nice gear

  14. Jayne says:

    My favorite thing I like about Five Star products is how durable they are. I really like that the backpack is expandable.

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