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Orglamix Cosmetics Review & Coupon Code

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About Product: Orglamix Cosmetics Review

  • Full Name of Product: Orglamix Loose Color Shadows in: Cashmere, Obsidian, and Acai
  • Type of Product: Loose Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Uses: This is high pigmented, long lasting, and crease resistant loose mineral eye shadow. You can apply it dry or with a damp brush for a more pigmented, instense look. You can also use it as an eyeliner, blender, or highlighter. These can also be used on lips, cheeks, or anywhere else you would like to use them.

  My Full Impression: I love these shadows and I cannot wait to purchase more! They look beautiful and are very easy to blend. I wish I owned all of the colors! Something that I forgot to mention in the video is that you can choose your eye color and they will recommend colors that match well with your eyes.

  • Using My Senses:

o   Sight- These eye shadows look like powders, but the go on smooth like a cream. They are very pigmented and even more intense when applied wet. o   Feel- They feel very soft and they keep that soft feeling. They do not get wet and crease like most shadows do.

  • 1-5 Star Rating: ★★★★★ / I can't help but to give them 5 stars! These eyeshadows are perfect!

Orglamix Collage

Why should you purchase this product? You should purchase these shadows if you want a beautiful, professional, multi use, easy to apply look at a cheap price.

  • Price: Right now these shadows are only $9.00 per color.
  • Price Vs. Quality: I was shocked to see the great price that the shadows are! Most shadows of this quality are $20 or more
  • Would I purchase this product? I will be purchasing more of these this week!
  • Where to Purchase: with PROMO CODE:   HO21DB2WGRM3    for $10.00 off order of $25 and up 

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  1. Top middle and bottom left, great application, it really helps pull your eye color out 🙂

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