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Pretty Planners Make the Best #BackToSchool Companion

Hello again my pretties! Are you already for for school? I know that times can be tough when school starts again. It's hectic, busy, and sometimes we lose our minds. The best way to keep track of daily activities when school starts again is with a planner. Whether you're a busy parent, a teacher, or a college student with a lot of work to do, a planner is a must-have. It needs to be a good planner though. So what do I need in a planner?

Day Designer by Blue Sky Planners

Being a creative woman, I like a creative planner. It needs to be three things: cute, easily accessible, and spacious. By spacious I mean, I need an actual calendar, plus extra spaces to take notes. I am someone that just jots everything down and gets to it later. My mind is always running a mile a minute and I need something to help me keep track of my thoughts. I am a blogger and it is my full-time job. My work is never done, so I need to keep track of my thoughts because I will forget something in an instant. That's why I love the Day Designer by Blue Sky planners!

Day Designer Planner IG post

Whitney English, the creator of Day Designer, has the same views as I do when it comes to a good planner. She knows the importance of the look, feel, and durability of using a planner. If a planner is boring, you will most likely forget about it. If it's a pain to use and navigate through, you will throw it to the side. If it's ugly, you will hide it. The Day Designer planners are made for the modern woman.

Day Designer by Blue Sky Planners (4)

First, let's talk about the designs. If you aren't into prints, you can pick up one of the solid color planners, like the pretty pink or the beautiful blue. If you're like me and you love a cute design then you will be just as excited as me to see all of their pretty prints. There are thick striped Day Designers, like the Rugby Stripe. There are floral (yay!) designs, like the fun Peyton CYO. Another pretty design is the bright pink, white, and lime green Pink Trellis weekly/monthly planner. 

Day Designer by Blue Sky Planners (3)

These planners come in different sizes and styles. I want to tell you about 3 that I adore. First is the purse planner (that's what I call it at least), which is 3×6 and can fit right into your handbag or your school binder. I love this one because it has a nice clear cover pocket that you can customize with your favorite photos. This planner has the basic monthly calendar sections (which are lined) and the daily notes sections. Additional features are the “Top Three” sections which allow you to jot down your most important tasks of the day and the To-Do check box sections next to the daily notes. There are monthly tabs for easy navigation.

Day Designer by Blue Sky Planners (2)

The average size planner is the 5×8. This one is just like the smaller one, but it has an additional “Notes & T0-Do” section on the side of each monthly calendar. This is a soft cover planner and is great for your home, office, or classroom. It has all of the features as the 3×6, but it does not include the clear cover.

Day Designer by Blue Sky Planners (1)

The 8×10 Day Designer is my favorite. It's the largest of the three, but I love it. First of all, it's a hard cover and the metal edges. This is a planner that I'd like to use for my family schedule because it's something that you'd like to keep around forever. This will be kept in my home office. Like the others, it has a metal spiral that opens and closes smoothly. You can easily flip back pages to get a better writing experience. Like the others, this has weekly and monthly calendars, a yearly reference calendar, and notes pages. It has the yearly tabs for you to flip through easily. One additional feature that makes this planner stand out is the first few pages allow you to write down your goals for the year. After all, writing them down kind of sets them in stone and looking at them means that you are more willing to strive to reach them. A couple of other features in this planner are the weekly inspiration quotes, gratitude sections, today's schedule lists, and next week sections. See why I love this so much!? It's pretty awesome! 

Check out the Day Designer by Blue Sky planners here

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  1. These planners are absolutely gorgeous. I just bought a new one, it was just something quick because I desperately needed one. But I’m not very happy with it. Wish I had seen these before I made my purchase.

  2. Sam Sly says:

    Those do look lovely. I mostly keep track of meetings and appointments in an online calendar that syncs to my phone, computer and tablet. But I also have a paper planner that I use for various things. There is something satisfying about writing in a book. Especially if the book is pretty.

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