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The Principle Gang Bully Proof Children’s Books

What makes a Children's book appealing to an adult and to a child? First of all, the book cover must have a cute and colorful cover. When walking down an aisle at a book store, what makes your young child grab one bog among all of the others? Does it make them laugh? Is it unique? Does it have some sort of creativity that is appealing to your child? Parents look for something completely different when choosing books for their children. They ask themselves, “What is this going to teach my child? Will this be an entertaining book that will leave my child with a lesson learned?” When I buy books for the little ones in my life, I look for both the appealing cover, great illustrations inside the book, and the educational experience. That is what drew me into The Principle Gang books.

About the Authors and Illustrator

Written by Dan Dugi Jr. and Bli Marston Dugi, The Principle Gang books teach great life lessons. They are written in a casual way that most children will understand and relate to. Each book has a story line that maybe your child has experienced or will experience in the future. The stories are incredibly engaging and can definitely teach some great lessons. What really pulled me into these books is the illustrations! Illustrator Andrea Vitali knows exactly what kids will love. She draws lizards and flies, dressed as humans. They are so cute that they make you giggle every time you see them. Every detail is thoroughly thought out and the colors would attract any child!

More About The Books

The Principle Gang Book 1

Book 1: Don't Judge a Lizard By His Scales
This book is a great way to teach your children not to judge people by the way that they look. It is about a lizard and a fly that are friends. The fly wants to spend more time with the lizard, but her parents have negative thoughts about lizards because most lizards eat flies! The Lizard assures the fly that if he met her parents, he could show them that he is really a nice lizard. He even promised to go on a fly-free diet for her! The book basically ends with the lizard protecting the fly and her mother from a group of lizard bullies! The moral of the story is to never prejudge someone. Get to know them and base your opinion on your own experience with them.

I think this is a very important lesson for all children, especially in our world today. It's important to get to know people before your make a judgement on them. It also teaches children about bullying. Every page of the book has illustrations to make it more fun!

The Principle Gang Book 2

Book 2: Wizard Wizard Rides The Subway
This book picks up where the first book left off. The fly and the lizard are now good friends. The lizard has won a trip to NYC to because of his “No Bullies Allowed Campaign,” which was inspired by the events in the last book. This book is about their adventures in NYC and about the 3 rules for dealing with bullying 1. Don't Be Mean 2. Tell Your Teacher 3. Be a Friend.

The book is written really well and has a lot of funny jokes and sayings in it. I found myself laughing and enjoying the beautiful illustrations, once again. This book is a great book for not only teaching about the prevention of bullying, but for showing kids that they can accomplish whatever they want just by speaking up!


I really enjoyed these books! They are both engaging, well written, and beautiful illustrator. They keep you laughing and engage the readers very well. They are meaningful and both have important underlying lessons in them. I can't wait to give these books to my niece and nephew this Christmas! They will be so excited and I know they will be reading them right away. I love the idea of these books being written to “Bully-proof your kids”.

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