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Purex PowerShot Review and Demonstration

Purex is just brilliant! They have created a laundry detergent that takes the guess work out of cleaning your clothes. Do you mindlessly pour detergent into your loads of laundry without carefully measuring? Do you get sick of the messy measuring cup? I know that I do. I do laundry because I have to, not because I enjoy it. The Purex PowerShot makes it fun and easy to do your laundry. I rush through my chores, so I need something fast and easy, like the PowerShot. The slogan, Flip-Dose-Done, is completely accurate for the Powershot. All you have to do is open the cap, clip the detergent bottle (which isn't terribly heavy), and squeeze one dose right into your load of laundry.


I love the idea of the Purex PowerShot. I love that the description is not misleading. It is even easier than it sounds, if that's possible. I love how fresh my clothes smell after using it too. As I told you, I am typically in a rush when doing laundry, so spills and messes happen easily with me. I was surprised to see how little the PowerShot was. I thought it wouldn't be enough, but boy did it make my laundry soft and clean!
Purex PowerShot and Purex Crystals

Now, I drop 1 power shot into my loads of laundry and they end up bright, clean, and smelling incredible. It leaves me with extra time to take care of other things and it leaves my boyfriend thinking that I put a lot of TLC into our laundry. When really, Purex did all of the work.

I had to share this picture with my crazy cat. He wants to be the star of all of my pictures. It is HIS FAULT that I have to clean cat hair off of everything haha.

Purex PowerShot Giveaway

The Purex PowerShot is coming soon to a retail store near you! I hope you enjoyed my Purex PowerShot Review and Demonstration! Don't forget to enter to win below:


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  1. Corey Olomon says:

    Thanks! I subscribed.

  2. Betty Bite says:

    Love the new Powershot!! So simple to use and no mess. Great review. Love the cat, he really is a star 🙂

  3. I love using purex. Cleans my clothes well

  4. I love the measuring part of this. It was an awesome idea

  5. I love how this dispenses! No caps and no mess. I will definitely have to try this. Love it!

  6. Thank you and good luck 😀

  7. Leela says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. sophia Gilbert says:

    I think this is so awesome! Great review girl 🙂

  9. Where it says WIN A NEW WASHER & DRYER….

  10. Kelly Nicholson says:

    i wanna this where i enter?

  11. Sharon Kaminski says:

    I cannot wait to try the new purex product. I use a lot of Purex.

  12. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love Purex products! I think this new design would save me money.

  13. Meg Tucker says:

    Sounds like something I would love to try! So far I have liked all the Purex products!

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