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Rockport Stylin’ – My Walk360 Washable Laceups

One of the best parts of summer is going for nice walks and runs through the beautiful trails here in Deltona, Florida. We literally have miles of trails built specifically for the public to walk, run, bike, and skate on. It’s really beautiful actually. After walking these trails time and time again, I realized that something was missing – the right shoes.

Rockport Walking Shoes

I was never into walking before moving here. In fact, I only owned one pair of sneakers and those were for work. I realized that I really needed shoes specifically for this activity. For me, a good pair of shoes is hard to come by. I have very sensitive skin and I get blisters and sores very easily if the shoes don’t fit me properly. It can be very painful for walking, especially for long periods of time. I knew that whatever shoes I chose, they would have to be made of material that was very lightweight, so it wouldn’t be harsh on my skin. I also wanted them to be stylish. In other words, no crazy bright colors haha.

Rockport Walking Shoes

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Knowing that Rockport is a great brand for shoes, I browsed their activity section to see if I could find something that I liked. I ended up narrowing it down to one pair – the Walk360 Washable Laceup. First of all, they are a beautiful light grey color with a pretty teal insole and a pops of teal. They are a simple style with a complex technology to enhance your walking experience. That’s my kinda shoe!

Rockport Walking Shoes

When I received them I was happy to see that they included two pairs of laces, one being a grey color that matches the shoe and the other being a teal color, for that extra splash of color! The teal insole is made by ADIPRENE® by adidas which has sport technology that helps provide shock-absorbing heel cushioning. This insole is made for all-day comfort and forefoot cushioning. In other words, your walks wont end with sore or blistered feet and heels. There’s even a CMEVA midsole that helps provide lightweight shock absorption to help reduce foot and leg fatigue.

Rockport Walking Shoes

A few more features are:

  • ADIPRENE® by adidas sport technology helps provide shock-absorbing heel cushioning.
  • ADIPRENE®+ by adidas helps provide all-day comfort and forefoot cushioning.
  • Rubber outsole helps provide a durable grip on a variety of surfaces.
  • CMEVA midsole helps provide lightweight shock absorption to help reduce foot and leg fatigue.
  • Dewix anti-microbial linings help reduce foot odor and wick moisture to help keep feet dry.
  • Leather and Synthetic upper design to maximize performance and comfort by providing support and mold-to-foot comfort.
  • Machine Washable.
  • WALK360 Sole & Architecture; 360 Degrees Breathability; 360 Degrees of Fit (contoured last and neoprene lined); 360 Degrees of Engineered Comfort.
  • Rockport Stylin' - My Walk360 Washable

I serious love these Rockport walking shoes. They are perfect for fitness and fashion. I love how breathable they are. They are so flexible and soft, that you don't even need to wear socks with them. They can be worn on all surfaces because of their easy-grip rubber soles. They insoles are so cushioned and so comfortable on your feet! I recommend the WALK360 shoes for any ladies looking for comfort and style, during their walks. 

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  1. Neha Sultan says:

    Oh wow I really like that you can wear the shoes even without socks, that means they really are soft and comfortable. They look stylish too, great way to combine style with fitness. These would be perfect for long hikes, extra set of laces is awesome, i always lose mine after washing lol.

  2. Swati says:

    I have been meaning to purchase one good pair for along time. After reading your post I guess I now know what to buy! These are some cute looking shoes and love the fact they are breathable,

  3. These are very cute and look great for walking because they look breathable. Wish we had trails like you mentioned around here. I love that it came with two sets of laces, mine always break.

  4. I love sneakers like this, and these look SUPER comfy! I may have to check these out!

  5. I really like these shoes! I have never tried Rockport shoes before, but I think I will have to pick these up!

  6. Amber says:

    I really like that color turquoise – it really pops!

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