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Running Armband for iPhone 6 Plus

My boyfriend and I recently got new phones and he has been begging me to find a good running armband for him. i2 Gear has a great running band that the iPhone 6 Plus fits in nice and snug. I made my decision to choose this armband because it offers moisture protection when many others do not. Unfortunately, this armband does not fit around my boyfriends arm. It is too small, so I had to test it on mine. It wraps around well. I wasn't too happy with the lack of structure the area that carries the phone in offers, but it ended up holding the iPhone 6 quite well. I do noticed that armbands with a hard plastic holding your phone seem to keep your phone held better, but they aren't as comfortble. The phone is easy to operate through the plastic that protects your screen. The band is soft and comfortable around my arm. I would say that the company needs to consider working on making the band adjustable for larger arms.

For the most part the iPhone 6 Plus armband does what it claims to. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an armband that keeps your phone safe and secure.

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