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Saison Beauty – 4 Step Beauty Routine For Beautiful Skin

Saison Beauty Autumn

I am all about taking good care of my skin. I neglected my skin for most of my life and I feel I need to make up for it now before it's too late. When taking care of my skin I try to stick with the best brands and the best products. I need something the cleanses, protects, brightens, softens, and soothes my skin. It seems like I am asking for a lot, but should we ask for anything less in the products that we are putting on our face? I think not. 

I personally love skin care systems. I like 3-4 step systems because it helps me to maintain my beauty routine. It seems like I forget to apply my skin care products if it's only 1 or 2. I always remember to wash my face, but moisturizing and exfoliating is something I rarely do. I was excited to try the Saison Beauty 4 Step Beauty Routine because it contained unique steps that I had never used before, like the Cleansing Oil. I had never used a cleansing oil before. I thought that it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. 

Since it's Autumn, I received the Autumn kit for Dry Skin. Saison offers a full range of skincare products to help nourish and replenish dry skin during the Autumn months. These products feature antioxidant-rich, Autumn organic ingredients including Grape, Pumpkin, Rice, Rosemary, Safflower and Sweet Almond.

The products that I received are the Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Grains, Botanical Lotion Spray, and moisturizer. I have to say that I love the size of the bottles. They are definitely enough to last you all season. 

Saison Beauty Cleansing Oil

Autumn Cleansing Oil

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This oil is very unique. As I said, I have never used a cleansing oil before. I was concerned that it would make my face too oily afterward, but it actually doesn't. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. 

The Saison Autumn Cleansing Oil is a gentle, non-foaming facial cleanser that removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses skin naturally, without any harmful chemicals or preservatives. It leaves skin feeling soft and balanced; not greasy, tight or dry.


Autumn Cleansing GrainsSaison Beauty Cleansing Grains

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The cleansing grains are perfect for cleansing and exfoliating. My skin feels so different after exfoliating with this. All of the yucky impurities and dead skin cells are gone after using this. 

The Saison Autumn Cleansing Grains is a non-foaming facial cleanser that naturally removes dirt and oil residue, and gently exfoliates skin, without any harmful chemicals or preservatives. It leaves skin feeling soft and balanced.


Saison Beauty Botanical Lotion SprayAutumn Botanical Lotion Spray

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You can spray this lightly on your face and neck. You use your palms to help it set into your skin. It smells amazing and once it drys, your face looks brighter and feels softer. 

The Saison Autumn Botanical Lotion Spray is made expertly by hand with a special blend of highly concentrated autumn botanical extracts including Organic Chamomile, Organic Calendula, Organic Lavender and Organic Rosemary, that are rich in antioxidants and minerals, to treat and revitalize your skin this time of year. Aloe Vera and Glycerine work to help draw moisture to your skin and keep it hydrated naturally, without any harmful chemicals or preservatives.


Autumn Moisturizer Saison Beauty Moisturizer

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Finish off your beauty routine with the moisturizer. This helps to protect your skin and, obviously, moisturize it. I love this moisturizer. 

The Saison Autumn Moisturizer is made expertly by hand with a highly concentrated blend of autumn botanical extracts to enhance skin’s function and appearance this time of year, including Organic Sweet Almond and Organic Grapeseed. L-Ascorbic Acid actively works to even skin tone and stimulate collagen production to smooth out skin naturally. A number of other powerful antioxidants, essential minerals and humectants enrich this formula to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate skin naturally, without any harmful chemicals or preservatives.

Overall, I really love the Saison Beauty skincare system. All of the products are incredible. I love how bright, beautiful, and replenished my skin feels afterward. 

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