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Sashka Co – Jewlery for a Teen Girl’s Easter Basket

Sashka Co - Jewlery for a Teen Girl's Easter Basket

Sashka Co is a company that sells glass beaded bracelets made by women in Nepal. What I love about Sashka Co is that each purchase empowers the women in need through fair trade! They also offer free world wide shipping.

As for the bracelets. I love them. They are very fashionable and come in a variety of colors and designs. They are really great quality. Basically, you wouldn't have to worry about the Shahka Co bracelet breaking easily. It amazes me that each bracelet is handmade. There are a lot of very small beads on each bracelet, so a lot of time, detail, and dedication is put into each and every bracelet. They are woven together so tightly that they almost look like a cord or some sort of rope.

Sashka Co's colors and designs are so addictive. Once you own one of their bracelets, you will want them all! They really have something for every occasion. With that being said, I recommend some of the bright pink and pretty blue bracelets for teenager's Easter Baskets this year. I don't know a teenage girl in the world that wouldn't love a bracelet this beautiful and fashionable.

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