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5 Types of People Who Need A Toaster Oven – Are you one of them?

Toaster ovens, or microwave ovens as many call them, are completely underrated. I grew up using toaster ovens. I thought everyone did until people looked at me funny when they seen one in my house. Yes, toaster ovens still exist and yes, they have advanced with technology. 

5 Types of People Who Need A Toaster Oven - Are you one of them?

The Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven is a perfect example of a new age toaster oven. I say this because rather than having the knob that you twist to set your desired temperature and cook time, this one has buttons. Oh yes, very fancy. It's funny how I call it fancy because it's really just dumbed down for everyone. Just push a button and walk away. I guess that's the point of technology, right? To make us do less work? To make life easier for us? I am not complaining! I love that I can use one of the 6 pre-set cooking modes to quickly cook my toast, waffles, rolls, pizza, hash browns, or anything that I need to reheat quickly. I can simply push some buttons to set my time and temperature and go about my day. It's easy to clean, easy to use, and easy on the eyes. 

5 Types of People Who Need A Toaster Oven - Are you one of them? copy

So what type of person needs a toaster oven? 

The College Kid

They are cramming for tests. They are doing extracurricular activities. They are being social. They live in a tight space and are on a tight budget. The majority of college kids eat tv dinners, frozen pizzas, and whatever else is easy. They don't have the time, space, or budget to cook every night. A toaster oven would be a dream for them. They can pop a pizza in the Panasonic Toaster Oven while they are studying and don't have to worry about the time or clean up. 

The Bachelor

Well, they aren't trying to impress anyone. Most bachelors just eat something quick while they relax on their couch watching tv. Why cook when you are only cooking for yourself? Pop something in the toaster oven and be done with it. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Maybe some pizza rolls? Maybe a hotdog? 

5 Types of People Who Need A Toaster Oven. Are you one of them?

The Parent of a Teenager

Mom and Dad are at work and the kids just got home from school. What do they want? Snacks!  Every kid comes home wanting a snack and allowing them to use the stove when you aren't home can be very uncomfortable with absent minded, hyperactive teenagers. Might as well pick up some chicken nuggets and bagel bites that they can throw in the toaster oven. 

The Terrible Cook

Yep. I would fall into this category. Okay, I am not a horrible cook, I just dislike cooking. I have a few dishes that I can make really well, but man I sure could come up with a quick and easy toaster oven recipe. When you don't cook a lot, you can be very creative with your meals. Lets just say that you can cook eggs in a toaster oven. Seriously, look it up! A toaster oven is a lifesaver when you're hungry and don't really know what to cook. 

The Busy Body

The business men and women, the travelers, even the stay at home parents can fall into this category. If you're a busy body, you rarely feel like standing over a stove for an hour. This is when the toaster oven really comes in handy. Throw your waffles in it for breakfast using the waffle button on the Panasonic Toaster Oven. Turn a sandwich into a melt by throwing it into the toaster oven for a few minutes. Make the kids something quick and easy. Make a meal for on-the-go. The options aren't as limited as you may think. 

5 Types of People Who Need A Toaster Oven. Are you one of them?.

So, do you fall into any of these categories? Maybe you know someone who does. Christmas is right around the corner! Give this as a gift to someone who you think would benefit from it. I don't think anyone would be disappointed with the Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven!

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