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Shop Chloe + Isabel by November Rose for Summer Fashion

Chloe + Isabel Duo Earrings

Are you looking for something pretty that stands out this summer? Maybe you want something that matches that pretty summer dress or those tight white jeans. I think we all want cute jewelry to match our bright summer outfits. With so many choices these days, it's difficult to find the right jewelry that is fashionable, a reasonable price, and good quality. You also want your jewelry to be fun and trendy, right? Well, November Rose over at Chloe + Isabel knows exactly what ladies like you and I are looking for. She offers a variety of on-trend jewelry pieces that are not only affordable, they are WORTH it! 

Chloe + Isabel November Rose Duo

Since the launch of my Summer Fashion Round Up, I have searched for the best in Fashion. One thing that I have not found was a good pair of earrings to match my gorgeous Summer outfits. November Rose recommended the Copacabana Floral Stud Duo Earrings to add a pretty touch to my summer wardrobe. “This gorgeous duo includes bold aqua hues and fruity floral shapes packed with sparkling pavé that beautifully capture an exotic Copacabana beach scene.” You can mix & match or wear the pairs individually.

These antique gold-plated pieces earrings are perfect for Summer! I am really impressed by the quality of them. They aren't light or cheaply made. They are actually very beautiful.

Chloe + Isabel November Rose Shop deep turquoise resin studs

The deep turquoise resin studs are just gorgeous. They match wonderfully with my Summer colors – coral, teal, white, and yellow. These really POP and stand out when you wear them. They aren't too big either. They are large studs, but don't weight down your ears at all. 

Chloe + Isabel November Rose Shop clear crystal pavé flower studs

The clear crystal pavé flower studs are SO cute! I love the antique, bohemian look that these earrings have. They really match everything and are great for any season. I love wearing them with my summer dresses and to my day-long events. Just like the other pair, these are not too heavy or too light. They are just right. 

Chloe + Isabel November Rose Copacabana Floral Stud Duo Earrings

I love the detail put into these earrings. Everything from the frontal design to the backs of the earrings were carefully and thoughtfully made. The backs say “Chloe + Isabel” which I just love. These are fashionable, bright, and beautiful. They are fun and girly. These are must-haves for the season! 

Purchase Copacabana Floral Stud Duo Earrings here

Visit Chloe + Isabel by November Rose for more gorgeous pieces!

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Summer Fashion Roundup

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  1. So glad you like them Swati!

  2. I couldn’t agree more Neha! And everything has a lifetime quality guarantee. They are manufactured right alongside jewelry from Nieman Marcus and Barney’s!

  3. So glad you like them Sarh, feel free to check out my site for more!

  4. Hi Sam! I’d love for you to try our earrings. I also had trouble wearing many fashion earrings out there as they were too heavy or irritated me, but I LOVE the C + I earrings because I can wear them all day without them bugging me and they are light and don’t weigh my overstretched holes out 🙂

  5. Hi Jenny! So glad you like the earrings! Check out my site for more fun pieces!

  6. HI Trista! All Chloe + Isabel pieces are hypoallergenic, lead safe and nickel free! My clients with sensitivities love these pieces as they do not irritate. Feel free to contact me with any questions! [email protected] 🙂

  7. Swati says:

    These studs are so cute! I love the flower earring so much. I have something similar to these but not the same color though.

  8. Neha Sultan says:

    These look so pretty and would go with casual or party dress in summer. Perfect color hues for heat. I loved the clear crystal pavé flower studs, such pretty design and it kind of gave antique look to it. Glad that quality is not compromised.

  9. Sarh S says:

    Beautiful earrings! I’ve looked at Chloe & Isabel a few times and I’ve seen many things I’d like from there.

  10. Sam Sly says:

    Those are really pretty. For some reason I have trouble with earrings so I don’t wear them very often. They both would be so pretty with Summer clothes!

  11. Jenny says:

    These earrings look simple, yet so cute! I especially love the flower earrings with the rhinestone center! I can imaging the blue studded earrings going along with a lot of my summer clothes, as this color is one of my favs!

  12. Trista W. says:

    These look very fun and pretty. I wonder if they would irritate my ears though 🙁 I can’t seem to find a good earring that I can wear on a daily basis that won’t cause irritation.

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