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Sprout Pencil – Plant Your Pencil

11370973_348041958653985_1358062753_nSo my boyfriend and I have a pretty awesome garden. It's our very first garden, so we love to add new things to it. We are open to trying anything new, fun, and unique. It's all a learning experience and we love every second of it. From cool planters like the Woolly Pocket to seed pods, we have tried a lot of great things to enhance our gardening experience.


One thing that I have never come across is something as cool as the Sprout Pencil. This is a pencil that you plant! How weird and unique is that!? The pencils come in different colors, for different plants. The pencils contains a minimum of 5 pesticide seeds, so when you plant them, you're bound to see something sprout. As with all seeds, it's not a guarantee. So, if you're anything like me, you're wondering what the point of planting your pencil is. Why not just plant seeds? Well, that's an easy answer – you actually use the pencil. You will use it until it reaches the end and then plant it. In a way, you are recycling. 

I love the idea of this! Mine hasn't sprouted yet, but I think it's really cool. I love the idea of unique things like this. I'd love to try all of their different “colors”. 

Purchase Your Sprout Pencil Here

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  1. Ashley @ Thoughts and Reviews says:

    These are so neat and unique. I’ve never seen anything like the sprout pencil. I hope you see some sprouts sometime soon, though!

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