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The Bratz #SnowKissed Line – #HGG

The Bratz #SnowKissed line is the hottest toy of the 2015 holiday season! Grab one for your kids before they run out! #GiftsForKids

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The holiday season is swiftly approaching and companies every where are releasing their Fall and Winter collections. If you shop for the holidays, you know how important it is to pick up the hottest gifts for the kids because they will be gone before you know it. One of the most popular child's toy brands is Bratz. I'm pretty sure you're familiar with their fabulous dolls and I do mean fabulous! These popular dolls are this generations “Spice Girls” or “Clueless”. Okay, you will only understand the significance of that if you were a 90s child. Let's just say that these the “it girls” of the doll world. 

The Bratz #SnowKissed line is the hottest toy of the 2015 holiday season! Grab one for your kids before they run out! #GiftsForKids

Bratz is an American line of fashion dolls. They are like a diverse clique of dolls: Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Raya. Each has their own style and own personality. You can get to know each doll just by observing each of the dolls with their matching accessories and merchandise. If you have a daughter, I am sure she has a favorite.

The Bratz #SnowKissed line is the hottest toy of the 2015 holiday season! Grab one for your kids before they run out! #GiftsForKids

You need to take advantage of the Bratz #Snowkissed line while you still can. Bratz #SnowKissed celebrates Bratz’s love of fun winter activities. Each Bratz comes ready to hit the slopes in stylish snow gear including an après ski outfit, hot cocoa mug and a sticker sheet to customize their snowboards, sleds or skis.

The Bratz #SnowKissed line is the hottest toy of the 2015 holiday season! Grab one for your kids before they run out! #GiftsForKids

These dolls are absolutely beautiful and packed full of fun! Their made-up faces with their adorable fashion sense will look beautiful under the Christmas tree this year. This is a gift that I wouldn't even wrap because the box itself, with the fuzzy white handle, is perfect as is. Your littles ones will want to tear these dolls up right when they see all of the activities and accessories that are included with them. Each doll comes with 2 outfits – one for on the slopes and one after the slopes. Check out how gorgeous Cloe and Jade are! 

You can purchase from the #SnowKissed line on Amazon here

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  1. Hannah C says:

    These dolls are so adorable. I would love to win one for my niece.

  2. Sandra Watts says:

    My grand daughter likes these dolls. I like their outfits.

  3. XmasDolly says:

    I’ve been getting these dolls for my granddaughter for the last two years and she loves them. I think its the vibrant colors is so wonderful that catches her eye.

  4. Katyann Marne Driver says:

    Your review is amazing I had not heard of the snow kissed Bratz these are really nice dolls and look much better then the bratz I played with when I was younger id love one for my daughter thanks for your review.

  5. Laura says:

    I love how stylish these dolls are. I’m sure my nieces would love them. 🙂

  6. Amanda Schaeffer says:

    My favorite thing has to be how stylish they are my daughter just loves Bratz they would make a super Christmas present my daughter would love to find it under the tree.And the packaging is just cool I love the furry handle on top thank you for the review 🙂

  7. I love how the dolls are so detailed. The dolls are cute and my granddaughter would love these dolls.

  8. denise low says:

    Thank you for the review. Sounds like a great christmas gift.

  9. Colette P. says:

    I love all the clothes and accessories the doll comes with! My niece would have a ton of fun with it! 🙂

  10. MusserTara says:

    My favorite part of the review is how in detail you describe the package and dolls 🙂 the handle is definitely neat!

  11. MusserTara says:

    Awesome giveaway 😀 thank you!

  12. Patricia Delgado says:

    Great review my 14 year old loved these when she was younger and now my 5 year old loves them!

  13. Sarah Matos says:

    My girls love bratz dolls. One thing they have in common!

  14. Margaret Maggie Porter says:

    These dolls are so cute. My 17 yr old played with them when she was little and now my 5 yr old niece loves them!

  15. Minta Boggs says:

    Loved the review, I know my niece would love these dolls!

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