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Why This Is Us is making women all over the country UGLY CRY! #ThisIsUs

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  1. […] film prior to reading the reviews. I’m a big fan of Blake Lively and Sterling K. Brown (hello, This Is Us) so I’d hoped the film would be an entertaining as it sounded – despite Lively’s […]

  2. Yes! I completely agree. The entire show is just GENIUS. It really touches your hear in every possible way! I hope you find the first few episodes!

  3. Paula Schuck says:

    I have literally just discovered this show this week and can’t find the first few episodes so I had to jump right in. The episode wth Randall and his father was brilliant. World class beautiful heart wrenching storytelling. My god I was fighting back tears when Randall took his father’s face in his hands. SO much that is real and gorgeous about this show. I am a big fan.

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