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Top 10 Gadgets That Will Keep You Healthy

Getting fit, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle can all be very difficult goals to achieve when you factor in the demands of modern life. Fortunately, there are some cutting-edge, intuitive items of gadgetry that could make your journey towards a healthier lifestyle a little easier.

  1. A Smart Watch

smart watch

The latest smart watches are stylish and comfortable, yet their real strength lies in their effortless functionality. They can monitor heart rate, speed and distance travelled without any interference from the user, and they store the data recorded until it is accessed via an app or user interface.

  1. Smart Clothing

A range of sports bras, socks, shirts and sweaters are now available with tracking technology stitched into the fabric. They monitor everything from heart rate to the steps you take, and they're so discreet no one will ever know that your performance is being tracked. You can choose from a range of state-of-the-art fabrics that trap moisture away from the body and kill odours before they take hold.

  1. The Fitbug Orb Fitness Tracker
    Fitbug - Image 5

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that does it all, the Fitbug Orb is what you need. This small, lightweight and portable device communicates with smartphones, tablet computers and laptops wirelessly, so you can concentrate on your workouts. Your activity is monitored, but it is split into normal and aerobic activity to enable you to differentiate your workouts from your daily routines. The Fitbug Orb will also track your net calorie consumption and sleeping patterns, and provide you with recognition and fitness advice when you need it.

  1. An Underwater MP3 Player

Underwater MP3 PlayerOne of the reasons many people opt against getting fit in the pool is because they can't listen to music during their swimming sessions. However, an underwater MP3 player solves that problem. It works with ear-buds instead of earphones, and a new type of technology known as Bone Conduction is used to transmit music to the inner ear via the cheekbone.

  1. A Music Headband

SleepphonesOne of the main gripes among fitness fanatics, gym worshippers and road runners involves the tangling of wires from various music playing devices during workouts. Another problem relates to headphones and earphones constantly slipping out of place during particularly arduous workouts. A headband, however, solves this problem by placing all the necessary technology inside a sleek sweatband that is worn on the head.

  1. A Fitness Band

Fitness BandThe latest fitness bands look like the kind of rubber wristband millions of people wear these days, but they measure heart rate, body-fat and muscle density. They can even hook up to a phone and notify you when you receive a call or text.

  1. A Digital Scale

711838ZpFxL._SL1500_Millions of people have a set of scales in their bathroom, but they won't track weight, BMI and body fat in the way a set of digital scales can. They can be linked to a mobile device and provide you with a constant stream of data about your health goals. There are also digital scales that can communicate with lifestyle apps to give you all your health and fitness data in one place.

  1. A Smart Mat

If you're into yoga, Pilates or resistance-based workouts, a smart mat could be just what you need to improve your performance. The smart mat will sense your movements, and you'll be given feedback and advice for improving your technique via a desktop or mobile app. This is the ideal gadget if you're determined to perfect your yoga stretches for maximized health benefits without attending costly classes.

  1. A Muscle Roller

Muscle RollerAlthough rather low-tech, a muscle roller is a must-have gadget for people who constantly work the same muscle groups during their workouts. This simple massage tool rolls up and down various muscles in the thighs and calves to provide relief from knots and tightness. There is also a way to massage your back with a muscle roller too.

  1. A digital fork

This ordinary looking fork is fitted with tiny sensors that track how fast you're eating your food. Small vibrations will be generated through the fork handle when you're eating too quickly, or when your portions are deemed too large. You can then track your eating habits with the accompanying app.

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