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50+ Gift Ideas for Your Witchy Friends in 2022

If you're at a loss while searching for gift ideas for your witchy friends – or yourself – I've got an incredible gift guide full of magical gift ideas they will love!

A few years ago, I found myself feeling lost. I was seeking something of substance, something that filled me up. Something that wasn't tangible. I decided to dig deeper into spirituality and really found myself drawn to things such as crystals and ideas, like manifestation.

I've always been superstitious. No, not the “walking under a ladder is bad luck” kind of superstitions. I always believed in signs or coincidences. Like, my mom texting me right when I picked the phone up to text her. The coincidences were happening far too often, so I finally started to actually pay attention.

Now, I am following the phases of the moon, collecting crystals, seeing angel numbers every day of my life, pulling tarot cards, and manifesting things that I truly, deeply desire.

Some call these beliefs “witchy”. I have rituals that may be perceived as witchcraft, but honestly, it's just me giving gratitude to the Universe for my many blessings. I'm connecting with nature, retreating within, and finding the true beauty in life.

If this sounds like you or someone you know – take a look at these witchy gifts!

I cannot express this enough – when you're buying gifts for a witchy friend, don't overthink it. In fact, I recommend you pay more attention to your body than your thoughts.

Tips for shopping for witchy friends:

Whether you're looking for a birthday gift for a witch, unusual witch gifts, witchy gift sets, or even witchy aesthetic gifts for a friend – ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I get excited when I look at this item?
  • Does this feel like a right fit for myself or my friend?
  • Do I feel energetically drawn to this item? Sometimes a phrase or picture can immediately draw you to this item. While that may seem simply, I take that as a sign from the universe that this item is what you're looking for.

Again, don't think too much about this. If you don't feel like you know enough about the witchy lifestyle, that's what this witchy or occult gift guide is for! These gift ideas would be appreciated by a seasoned witch, modern witch, or even someone who is a bit more spiritual than the average person.

Witchy Gifts for Friends (or Yourself)

From tarot decks and crystals to witchy gifts sets and modern witch books, these gift ideas will appeal to anyone who wants to connect deeper to the universe or themselves.

You can expect to find: gifts for wiccans, occult gifts, witchcraft candles, and so much more!

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