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5 Self-Destructive Phrases That I Say to Myself Daily

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  1. […] When things are tough, especially within the family, it's easy to feel guilty for being happy. If someone is sick or suffering, even smiling can make you feel bad. Don't fall into this sabotaging thought process. […]

  2. […] think things about yourself that you wouldn’t say to another person. Think positive thoughts about yourself, and be kind and […]

  3. […] Probably because that’s what the majority of negative thinkers do – they sabotage their own joy. […]

  4. […] We can tell our daughters how incredible they are every day of their lives but if they don’t believe it, we aren’t really doing our jobs. Teach her how to talk to herself. If you hear her saying that she’s ugly or stupid, sit down with her and have a candid conversation about how she feels and why she shouldn’t talk to herself in such a negative manner. Give her daily exercises to practice positive self-talk. […]

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