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Declutter Challenge Wk 2: An update on my progress and how to Spring Forward with your goals #SpringFwd

Last week, I told you about my new found inspiration to declutter my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'll admit, this Declutter Challenge hasn't been easy. The first few days I went through a series of ups and downs. The good news is that I've finally found my groove. It just took a little positive self-talk and a few life hacks. I know how important it is to be completely happy in this life and I hope you do too. We can't love anyone else if we don't love ourselves. In honor of the new season, I want to Spring Forward with my goals and help you to do the same. 

My Declutter Challenge Progress


Last week I had a few physical goals that included my some fitness, healthy eating, and decluttering my home. I am doing okay with the physical aspect of the Declutter Challenge. I cleaned out the guest bathroom closet, which was packed full of vitamins, pills, and beauty supplies that I'd been collecting since I first started blogging. If you're following me on Instagram, then you saw my decluttering story. It was a hot mess, but it's so nice and clean now. Let's just say that my fiancé was more excited than me. Now, I'm working on donating and discarding of the brand new items that I don't use, love, or need. As difficult as it is, less clutter makes me happy in my heart. 

I also went on a beautiful, long walk/run with my fiancé Saturday. I always feel incredible after physical activity and I was proud to reach my fitness goal in my first week. To be honest, I surprised myself. That's a confidence booster!

As for what I'm putting in my body, that's still a work in progress. I am eating less, but not eating the best. I think my biggest issue is eating out. Since, I'm not preparing the food myself, I can't control whether or not healthier options are being chosen. Also, I haven't been drinking water nearly as much as I used to. I need to be more conscious of how much water I'm drinking. As of right now, I am down to 122 lbs! Winning!

Healthy meals at homeGet It HerePreparing meals myself with Home Chef

I have a box of meals from Home Chef coming at the end of the week. I am super excited to be preparing my meals at home. I just have to say that Home Chef is already really impressive. I love their food options and how easy it was to place my order. I'll have a review at some point next week for you. Definitely be checking my Instagram Stories to see how the meals arrive. 

Are you working on decluttering your life? If so, I highly recommend working from the inside out. Start with your body. Nourish it with the meals that you prepare yourself. 

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filtered waterGet It Here

Drinking PURE water

Drinking more water is much easier when you're drinking pure and clean water. I can drink any type of water at anytime. It doesn't have to be ice cold. It doesn't have to be flavored. I love water, so I know the difference between filtered water and non-filtered. There's nothing more refreshing then a glass of cold, smooth, and soft water. 

If you want to drink water that's more pure and clean, then head on over to to get high-quality water filter dispensers that will make drinking water much easier. 


You might recall that I made a promise to declutter myself mentally. It's funny to think of my mind being decluttered because I'm always just one big mess. I have a million things running through my mind at all times. I get side-tracked by mundane tasks and trying to do the “trendy” thing. I think I have a long way to go, but as I write this, I'm doing better. I now realize that I need to be a trendsetter. I swear it was like a lightbulb popped up above my head. Duh, self. 

I've also been stressed about all of this wedding planning. It's not easy seeing how I've never been to a wedding before and we don't have a wedding planner. I am trying to save as much as possible by doing everything by myself. I know, I'm crazy. With all the stress of budgeting for the wedding and buying a home, decluttering my mind hasn't been too easy.

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Spending less with the Paribus App

There are a ton of coupon apps and price comparison apps, but nothing is quite like Paribus. This app will compare prices after you shop to see if there was a better deal. If so, they will get you a refund for the difference!

I can't tell you how much this could declutter your mind. You don't have to spend your days obsessing over how much you've spent or if you should have shopped somewhere to save a few extra dollars. Download the Paribus app and shop with ease. 

Free credit report cardGet It Here

Remaining Clutter Free with Credit Sesame

In addition to saving money and budgeting, I'm keeping a very close look at my credit report. My fiancé and I are buying a house next year, so we need to bring our saving up and our credit scores up. It's important that we are both in the green, but we need to check our scores without spending the green. You shouldn't be paying for your credit report when you can get it free! 

If you want to rid your mind of all the stresses adulting brings, sign up for your free membership at Credit Sesame. 


I'm proud to say that I've been taking the steps I need to take to be happy emotionally. I've been standing up for myself, taking breaks for certain people and things. I've really got a good grip on my emotional well-being. It's not always easy being an empath, but I'm doing whatever it takes to love myself again and to love people for exactly who they are. I've made it a point to ask for what I need rather than expecting everyone to read my heart. I've also been practicing positive self-talk and lots of me-time. 

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Sometimes confidence is all in what you wear. Think about it. When you lose weight – you buy a new outfit to celebrate. If you have a big event, you buy something new. First date? New outfit. It's really important that we feel comfortable and sexy in what we wear. It's not always easy to find the right look, especially if you know nothing about fashion. That's where Style Confidence Club can change the game! 

With a personal body analysis, personal color analysis, and more personalized options, you will learn exactly what flatters your curves, meshes with your skin tone, and what you should completely avoid.

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travelGet It HereAn Emotional Break with TripAdvisor

Sometimes the key to decluttering your life emotionally, is by escaping. We all need me-time! Maybe you need to take a break alone or with your best girlfriends. Whatever it takes to get you into a healthy emotional place – do it!

If traveling is usually too expensive for you, the n I recommend heading to Right now, you can book a rental car, hotel, and flight for Spring Break at a very low price. Why not spend your Spring Break vacation away. You deserve this. Your family deserves the best possible you! 

What tips do you have to Spring Forward with your decluttering challenge?

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