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  1. Carla says

    Great article. You have what it takes to be a nurse lol. You cant teach empathy either you have it or you do not.

  2. Joyce Duboise says

    Thanks for reading! I find it amazing to watch other talk about things like, losing a loved one or about the struggles in our world, without crying. Like, how do you do that? lol

  3. Jess Benoit says

    I really love this post because you nailed it down as to what it’s like being an empath. I have always been that way and made many great friends in school because of it. We would befriend the new kids, the outsiders, etc. because I couldn’t stand watching them try to find their place and felt the need to have to help them out.

    I do not watch the news…at all, because I hate hearing all of the bad stuff. I get enough of that from social media anyway. And don’t get me started on commercials – animals, Publix, BUDWEISER…especially around the holidays. I wouldn’t call myself a crier but I do tear up much more than I would like to admit LOL

  4. Joyce Duboise says

    Hey Jess! Thanks so much for reading. I just love knowing that there are so many other empaths out there that can relate. It’s like we are all in a club that nobody understands but us.

    I never really thought of empathy in that way. I’ve always cherished my friendships and now I realize it’s because of the love that we share with one another. No superficial friendships for this girl! I also remember befriending the outcasts! Funny story actually, for my upcoming class reunion, which is being run by the “popular girls” just like in school, a group of the outcasts and I started planning an anti-reunion for the uncool kids. haha. I think it’s so awesome that you helped so many out. I want to cry now lol.

    Yes! I agree about social media. There are days when it’s just too unbearable.

    & the commercials – haha. Yes! The holiday ones are the worst (or the best, I cant decide lol).

  5. ellen says

    Lovely post. I liked how you express thoughts and feelings. I cant stand literally the animal and people commercials and many things. I normally dont hang on social media, because of the non stop barrage . It all becomes too much.
    Personally, I am not a crier, I grew up in a crappy home too, and crying would have very negative consequences. I am glad you can cry, I cant or rarely do.

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