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10 Signs That You’re an Empath

Are you wondering: What is a true empath? What are the signs of empathy? In this post, we will go over a few telling signs plus more about how empathy actually feels.

Highly sensitive people are often referred to as empaths.

This is a person who can feel other people's emotions at such a deep level that it actually upsets their own soul.

Many empaths are able to feel the energy radiating from a person without that person speaking or even showing any actions.

When it comes to being an empath, or highly sensitive, it can be quite exhausting.

That's why many empathetic people practice positive thinking and partake in daily affirmations.

Until you learn more about being an empath, it's very difficult to block the energy of others. In fact, it can be disrupting if your own emotional well-being.

10 Signs That You're an Empath

Today I'm sharing 10 Empathy Signs to help you uncover your inner super power. Also, we will work to ensure that no other person can disrupt your emotional balance as a highly sensitive person.

1. The vibe of others is a major deal!

You know that feeling you get whenever you're in a room with a lot of people?

You seem to be more sensitive to the vibe of the personalities in the room, and you haven't even spoken to anyone yet.

If you find that the vibe of a room full of people matters more to you than the average person…

If you're suddenly overwhelmed and feeling intense emotions, then that's a major sign of empathy!

2. You Take on Other People's Emotions

This goes above and beyond the normal feeling compassion or empathy for a friend or family member.

A true empath can take on other people's emotions as their own without even trying.

It's an involuntary feeling that you're just as sad, angry, or even happy as the person you're conversing with. In fact, They don't even have to speak. You simply feel the energy that radiates from their aura.

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3. People Go to You For Advice

Due to the intuitive nature of empaths, they're often sought out by friends and family for their empowering advice.

Empaths have this innate ability to give compassionate, empathetic advice that helps solve any dilemma.

While you enjoy being helpful, offering advice in this way can suck your energy levels dry. If you feel this way often – that's another of the many empathy signs.

4. Emotional TV/Movies Might Drain You

An empath has a difficult time watching emotional, violent, or intense TV shows/movies due to the negative nature of the film.

If you feel the intense emotions of the actors within a TV show or movie, you're probably an empath. As a result, you may find yourself enjoying shows more (or avoiding them all together).

This is because empaths can put themselves in the shoes of the victim in such an intense, real way when watching such tragedies unfold.

5. Sensitive to Noise and Light

When it comes to loud noises and bright lights, your internal being immediately senses danger or becomes alarmed.

This may be because the loud noises and lights are signaling a bad situation.

Due to an empath's ability to put themselves in another person's shoes so vividly, it's difficult for them to be around loud noises and bright lights.

Personally, loud noises have always bothered me and now I understand that it's a sign of empathy!

6. You Know When People are Lying

The ability for an empath to be so in tune with other people, as well as their own self, makes them a human lie detector.

Even if you don't have the proof that someone is lying, you know all too well when someone is lying to you.

It's this gut feeling deep within you that tells you this person is not being fully honest with you; that feeling has never let you down if you're a true empath.

7. You worry a lot about what others think of you.

Another difficult thing about being an empath is that you often worry about what others think of you.

Additionally, their thoughts and opinions can really be detrimental to your self esteem, if you allow it. If you've ever felt like you care a little too much about the opinions of others – that's a major sign that you're empathic.

8. You can barely handle confrontation.

Confrontation is absolutely unbearable for empaths. The thought of approaching someone for a negative reason is a total mood killer.

At times, this can leave empaths incapable of handling everyday tasks because their mind is solely on this dreaded task.

Not only that:

Empaths tend to feel guilty after confronting someone because they's never want to make anyone uncomfortable or uneasy.

9. You worry too much.

To add, empaths are the biggest worriers in the world. They overthink every tiny detail and second guess many tough decisions.

Their worry keeps them up at night, raises their anxiety levels, and gives them that disgusting “sinking” feeling in the pit of their stomachs.

10. You Can Calm People

Being an empath isn't all bad. Actually, it's a gift.

Having the gift of empathy allows you to connect with people on deeper levels. You have real conversations and you always know exactly what to say, when it needs to be said.

You have this way about you that calms and relaxes anyone who is around. This is why you're a great friend, partner, and parent.

What empathy signs do you relate to?

Being an empath is such a beautiful miracle. Empaths simply have an innate ability to be very in tune with the needs of others as well as their own self.

While an empath will rarely put their own needs first, they're a very genuine type of person who truly cares about the entire world.

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The downside of being an empath is that it can get quite exhausting when you're out there in the world soaking up other people's energy all of the time.

Once you've come to realize that you're an empath it's important to find a way to control your abilities so that you're not exhausting yourself every time you step out in the world.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. […] you aren't intuitive or empathetic, you may not understand the impact you have on others. It may be unclear how your words and actions […]

  3. Deonna says:

    Wow, it’s like you reached into my soul with this post! I’ve always felt socially awkward because I get so overwhelmed in crowds; it’s just exhausting being around large groups of people. Don’t even get me started on emotionally charged situations like funerals, hospitals, etc. It’s like this post interpreted all of the things I’ve felt my entire life. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. […] me personally, it takes some time to find a podcast that connects with my on a deeper level. As an empath, I'm very sensitive about tone, voice, and specific […]

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  7. […] people pleasers are also empaths, due to their emotional connect to what other’s are […]

  8. […] felt that. From an empathetic woman whose loved and lost many cats in her lifetime, she knows better than anyone how precious our time […]

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  10. […] heard it and being the empath I am, I felt it. The tears consumed me as I talked to these women. Not because of my own hurt but […]

  11. Gwendolynn says:

    Thank you so much for the information. I have felt different most of my life even as a young child. All the woman in my family are empaths from my Great Great Grandmother to my mother and all of her 5 sisters. My two granddaughters and one of two of my Grandsons are all empaths as well. My mother, grandmother and one of my granddaughters see spirts so they not only feel what the living are feeling but also the dead. I wish I was able to control the level of empathy that I have as it has caused problems when I try to date or form a relationship.

  12. Samantha says:

    I’m feeling so many emotions after reading this article. I wish the people in my life understood.

  13. Joyce Santos says:


    I honestly have no clue who that person is and I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this. I appreciate the credit! Thanks so much!

  14. Lorraine Rizzo says:

    Could you please let your friends, such as Melissa Mansfield, that I did not plagiarize you? I didn’t know where your picture came from. And as soon as you told me, I promptly reposted your picture complete with site and all, tagging you,. I also went on your page and commented. Therefore, a few days later, I see a comment from Melissa that plagiarism is not right, and you should report me. I did just what you asked. Giving you credit. I don’t appreciate being accused of intentional plagiarism. I shared a picture! I don’t need this aggravation. It is not good for MY ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION.

  15. Lorraine Rizzo says:

    I am the manager of the Depression and Anxiety page. I reposted your graphic with the link to your page. Did I do what you asked? I wasn’t sure what you meant when u asked me to tag your page. So I reposted the photo complete with the link to your page. And I do love your page! Thank you for understanding.

  16. Quenny says:

    Am truly exactly the same way..and unfortunately I know how to use all my gifts and some… can be so difficult at times..but GOD has blessed me in ways to know how to handle it and truly survive this world good luck angel?????

  17. […] we discussed the major signs that you’re an empath. Now, we want to put that special power (as I like to call it) to good use by passing it along to […]

  18. Charlene says:

    I think that’s great volunteering in a soup kitchen. Think of the life’s you will touch. Those people need you. I’ve been volunteering for 15 years in a church consignment store. Its so rewarding!!! Good luck to you!!!

  19. Shari says:

    I also turned to substance abuse to alleviate all these symptoms. I’m so relieved to find I’m not the only one. I’ve been so drawn to helping others my whole life and finally have the opportunity since retiring. Im so close to volunteering in a soup kitchen and the local humane society, but I’m terrified of the emotional attachment and feelings I’ll experience. I guess 1 or 2 days a week won’t be so bad. Any more than that and I might be an emotional mess!

  20. Justin D. says:

    Unfortunately I had no idea what this condition was and thought everyone was this way for many years and like many others turned to substance abuse to dull the intensity of these feelings. (I am apparently a particularly powerful empath with episodes of clairvoyance) It took a long time to understand what i was and how to not hate and despise the world but to use this gift for the benefit of those around me and discover my roll. Being of service to others is critical to a happy and healthy existence and necessary to avoid slipping into a cynical and destructive depression. All that is needed is to remain willing and available and they will come to you. (Believe me)

  21. NANCY GILL says:


  22. BetaTest Mom says:

    Ugh. *high levels

    Although Hugh Laurie does seem very empathic.

  23. BetaTest Mom says:

    Yes, this articulates what I was wondering really well.

    My mother actually sent me this article’s main graphic with the comment, “This is me…and you too.” We grew up with the same woman (we lived with my grandparents growing up) and developed the same kind of coping skills to avoid her wrath. Add that to a non-verbal younger sister, and my siblings & I frequently talk about how those circumstances helped us develop our Hugh levels of empathy.

    So, in that sense, I agree with the author. The mindfulness of it all is a little outside my comfort zone, but otherwise it’s right in tune.

  24. April says:

    Wow! I don’t know what to say. Other then thank you so very much this has really made me see what and who I am in side. You are a blessing. Big hugs and love to you.

  25. Tia says:

    I identify with all of these except the part about confrontation. I love confrontation because it allows us to work through a situation or get something off our chests and feel better. I can’t stand having emotional turmoil that could be solved by having a conversation with someone. Furthermore, I can’t imagine avoiding something that is better said than unsaid just to avoid hurt feelings. Really! Confrontation =/= fighting. Respect and being direct are not mutually exclusive.

  26. Joyce Santos says:

    Have you considered speaking with a spiritual life coach?

  27. Joyce Santos says:

    ME TOO!! It isn’t easy. I am constantly practicing self-care to try to keep my mind in a good place.

  28. Joyce Santos says:

    I am really interested in knowing that as well!

  29. Melanie says:

    In knowing*. Sorry!

  30. Melanie says:

    I relate to this so much but what I would be interested I.min knowing is if this is a learned behavior. My mother was this way and my daughter is this way as well.

  31. BetaTest Mom says:

    If I could just clarify one thing I’m unsure about from your writing: are you saying “empath” in the paranormal sense of the term, or the psychological sense?

  32. Gypzey says:

    Yes I identify sooo much with all those gifts of empathy & some, it is sometimes very painful for the soul for me . It has always just happened. So much so I have to live almost as a hermit. I try to balance everything. but doesn’t really work out. My life seems to be a constant muddle because of all this, lol.

  33. Stephanie Holbert says:

    I have all of the emotions and feelings thar was in this article.
    I have always known that I was different.
    One thing is I’m not just an empath.
    I have several Different gifts That Good has given me and I don’t understand all off then. But I’m use to it.
    How do I learn how to use it to impact and help other’s without getting labeled as crazy

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