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Disney Springs Things To Do: 7 unique experiences to add to your Disney Springs bucket list

Downtown Disney recently converted into Disney Springs. Honestly, I was kinda annoyed by it. I'm not the biggest fan of change. There was a special connection with Downtown Disney because it was what I've always known and loved. I didn't realize that along with a name change would come a lot of fun and new changes. As for “Disney Springs things to do” there are a lot. I now love Disney Springs. It's so much fun to watch it transform into a beautiful area that you want to spend your time in. They've updated the buildings, trees, and added a lot of shops and entertainment. If you've been considering visiting Disney Springs (or not visiting) then let me tell you what you must experience while there! Some of these experiences are new and some you just may not have heard of. 

1. Dine-in theater

If you've ever visited Downtown Disney then I'm sure you've seen the gigantic AMC theater. It's definitely not a hidden theater, but there's a hidden experience in that theater: the Fork & Screen® Dine-In Theatre. This theater gives you a convenient dinner and a movie experience. The theater has a full menu with delicious (and affordable) meals, along with a beer, wine, and cocktail bar. The seats are comfy and there is a bar for a comfortable dining experience. This is definitely an experience worth adding to your “Disney Springs Things to Do” list. 

7 unique experiences to add to your Disney Springs bucket list – Disney Springs things to do #DisneySprings #MagicalMoments

2. Explore the land and sea – by car

This is the coolest new Disney Springs experience: The BOATHOUSE amphicar. It's quite costly, but it just may be worth it. You will basically jump in a retro car and take a ride – right into the ocean! That's right, you will be taking a trip through the water, around Disney Springs. It's a 20 minute ride and would be beautiful at sunset!

7 unique experiences to add to your Disney Springs bucket list – Disney Springs things to do #DisneySprings #MagicalMoments

3. Cupcake ATM

Yes, you read that right. Disney Springs now has a Sprinkles, which is a cupcakery! In other words, it's the best cupcake place on the planet! Seriously, I am not a fan of cupcakes, but Sprinkles has the most flavorful and moist cupcakes you will ever eat. But that's the unique part. They literally have a cupcake ATM outside of the bakery! You just walk right up to the side and order your cupcakes. Can you say inventive? 

4. Cirque De Soleil

Oh, how I love Cirque De Soleil! It's one of my favorite things about Disney Springs. Yes, it's been there since Downtown Disney, but they've added some new acts to their year round show, La Nouba. I always describe Cirque De Soleil as a circus on fire. It's like a circus, but it's also like a play. There's so much talent packed onto one stage. It's fun, tantalizing, and dreamy. This is definitely a unique experience that everyone should enjoy at least once. As for Disney Springs things to do, this is it!

5. Indiana Jones Bar

That's right the Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar is now open. I have not eaten in it just yet, but it's on my Disney bucket list. I have stepped inside, though, and it's pretty fabulous. 

Quench your thirst for action at this 1940s airplane hangar turned dive bar—ex-home of Indiana Jones' sidekick and pilot.

7 unique experiences to add to your Disney Springs bucket list – Disney Springs things to do #DisneySprings #MagicalMoments

6. Characters in flight hot air balloon

This is another item on my Disney Bucket List. Actually, being in a hot air balloon in general is on my bucket list, but this would really be a dream come true. If you've been near Disney Springs/Downtown Disney then you've seen this huge hot air balloon flying high in the sky. You can see it form the interstate. It's so tempting! How beautiful would it be to fly in this baby at sunset… ahh. What a dream come true. 

7 unique experiences to add to your Disney Springs bucket list – Disney Springs things to do #DisneySprings #MagicalMoments

7. Coca Cola Store rooftop beverage bar

This is the newest addition to Disney Springs. I finally had the opportunity to visit the Coca Cola store in Disney Springs. I've been to the official Coca Cola World in Atlanta, GA so the bar is set pretty high. I can't help but to think that this shop is more impressive than the ATL one. I like that it has different and new things. It has things that are unique specifically to Orlando (like bottles and magnets). But the real cool thing about this store is the rooftop beverage bar. You stroll up the ramp or take the elevator to the roof for a beautiful view of Disney Springs. I even caught Pokémon up there, haha. The beverage bar isn't just Coca-cola. You can sample a ton of different flavors of sodas and smoothies! It's designed really beautifully and the space is actually larger than I expected. 

So, what unique things have you experienced at Disney Springs?

What are your favorite Disney Springs things to do?

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