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Tips for Enjoying The Holidays with Depression

Getting through the holidays with depression isn't an easy feat. Being surrounded by people you love but being numb on the inside is hard.

Using these tips, you'll be able get through the holidays and possibly, feel a little more connected to friends and family.

Depression during Christmas

Getting Through The Holidays with Depression

Holidays aren't a celebration for everyone. Especially if it's your first holiday since losing a loved one. If you're dealing with depression, it can be heightened over the holidays.

In fact, the holidays can leave many feeling withdrawn, sad, hopeless, lack of ability to participate in social activities, and more. Depression is a terrible for anyone, but during a holiday, it is magnified. 

Can you imagine not feeling joy when you are around family and friends during a time of celebration and happiness? It's happened to many of us at one point or another in our lives.

The idea of interacting with co-workers, socializing with friends, and being amongst your family is already stressful. When you add the significance of spending money, shopping for gifts, and the idea of having to be a cheerful person around others, it may make the depression worse. 

Depressed at Christmas -Tips

Here are a few different ways you can get through the holidays with depression without missing all the cheer and fun. 

1. Make practical commitments for the holidays 

One of the ways holiday stress can make depression worse, is by making too many commitments to others, including your family and friends. When you make plans or engagements with others, stress can manifest with time constraints, money issues, and even being around other people.

If you limit your responsibility to only a couple events during the holiday, your stress may decrease. To add, you are less likely to feel pressured to find the perfect gift, be the life of the party, or participate in several activities. 

2. Surround yourself only with supportive and caring people

During a holiday, you often find yourself in the company of people you don’t really like. It happens to all of us. Additionally, there are individuals that are hard to be around because the are negative, argumentative, or you just don't vibe with them.

Whatever the reason, if those types of people make you uncomfortable, you don’t have to be in their presence. You can limit depression during the holiday by being around people you enjoy. 

Just because it is a holiday, it doesn’t mean you have to put on a fake smile. The people who love you, will be grateful to be around you, even if you aren’t the most cheerful person

depression during holidays tips

3. Try living in the present.

When you were growing up, the holidays may not have been happy for you. As an adult you may have experienced a trauma, been alone, or did not enjoy the holiday for any particular reason.

Whatever may be the reason you don’t enjoy celebrating a holiday, living in the present can give you a new perspective on the joy it may bring. Leave the bad moments and memories in the past. You may even have to forgive someone without an apology.

Live in the present, start new traditions, make new food, and celebrate who you are today, during the holidays.

If you are struggling with depression during the holiday, remember this time of year will soon pass. It is not forever. You will be okay. If you still experience holiday blues, beyond the holiday; please seek help with a medical professional. There may be an underlying cause to your depression. 

What are some ways that you deal with depression during the holidays? 

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