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I Could Only Imagine #BehindTheBlogger

I Could Only Imagine

I often find myself day dreaming about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. I know that's a “line” but seriously, I ponder these things often. I wonder about how life would be if the world we lived in were different. Many of my thoughts aren't realistic, but it's fun to imagine a world at peace. It's fun to imagine my “perfect world”. Every sine I was a child I would picture my perfect world. Back then it was in the form of drawings. Now it is in the form of writing and I want to share it with you. A lot of my thoughts about the world are inspired by the song “Imagine” By John Lennon. I love the version with Dolly Parton because the video is AWESOME and well, her voice is perfect for this song. 

I could only imagine….

A world where we really have the freedom to be who we are. A world without judgement and hate. One that allowed us to walk into a room dressed however we want without being concerned about whether or not we fit into the crowd. About whether we are dressed “appropriately”. A world where we weren't stereotyped by our age, gender, religion, or skin color. What a wonderful world that would be. 

I could only imagine…

A world without suicide. A world where people didn't feel so much pain and suffering that they felt like the only way out was to end their own lives. A world where love was greater than pain and life had more meaning then “another kid committed suicide today”. A world where everyone understood that pain is only temporary and that words can hurt, but they shouldn't kill you.

I could only imagine…

A world when people fixed what was broken instead of giving up. A world where the sanctity of marriage was obeyed and respected. A world where love lasted a lifetime. A world when you loved through the fights, struggles, pain, and flaws. A world where two souls collided and became one until the very end. 

I could only imagine…

living as one…. in peace. 

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  1. Tammy says:

    I agree with Josey, Suicide is a real hard one for me as well. Actually death in general. I have lost several friends way before their time. Some of them to suicide, like the one that still tears me up to this day is when my ex boyfriend took his own life after battling bi-polar disorder for many years. But I’m also lost some tragically in other ways, like a dear friend and mentor who died tragically in a auto accident 2 years ago. After reading your article, I am imagining what it would be if I were to ever be able to find out the answer to the question that plagues me the most…WHY?

  2. Josey says:

    Suicide is a heart puller for me. Nearly 3 years ago I lost my best childhood friend to suicide. I still have her picture on my refrigerator and I can’t bring myself to take it down. I miss her so much and I just can’t imagine the pain she went thru to make that decision.

    There are so many movements around eliminating hate. I only hope one day it comes to fruition. I was bullied so bad as a kid; that it makes me happy to see KIDS now a days taking a stand against it.
    I <3 the way you write Joyce@!

  3. Shandi Dews says:

    I love that song! It is one of my favorites…and I too, have wondered what the world would be like, if we lived by those words. I understand so much of this,and want to change so much that goes on this world, but we can drive ourselves crazy trying to make the rest of the world understand, or we can try to instill in our children, these values, and beliefs. That we are all the same underneath, that everyone has value, and that loving one another for who we are makes for a better world. We can do this, and hope that one day, everyone else will follow suit.

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