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Lip Ink Matte Moisturizing Lip Stain – The Pros and Cons

Lip Ink is known for their semi-permanent lip color that I absolutely adore. They have just released their Matte Moisturizing Lip Stain and I am here to give you my thoughts on it. These lip stains come in five different colors. You can purchase a trial size or if you love them, you can grab the discounted 5 pack. Let me tell you a little bit more. 

Lip Ink LIp Stain Matte Pink

This is a very unique lip product. It says matte, but it's very different than I expected. It has some shine to it and it is very thin and sheer. I personally would prefer an opaque lip color and a bit of a thicker product. I will say that it does moisturize your lips, where as other lip stains dry them out. This is probably the most unique lip product that I have ever used. It's funny because it is very light when you first apply it, but after you let it sit for awhile you will see the color become deeper. I first noticed this when I swatched it on my hand, only to notice later that it was darker. Let me get right to the point about this with the pros and cons. 


  • It moisturizers your lips very nicely. 
  • It's long-lasting! This stuff will last you all day.
  • It doesn't transfer. You can eat, kiss, talk or whatever you want without worrying about your lipstick coming off. 
  • A little goes a long way. Since it is so thin, you don't need too much. However, if you want to layer it, it may run out quickly.


  • It's sheer. I'd rather it be an opaque lip stain. That's one reason that I love lip stains, because they are deep and fully cover your lips. 
  • The color doesn't match the color on the site. The Matte Pink color on the site is more of a pink-berry color and the color that comes out on my lips is a pink-red color. 
  • The price. I think that the price is too high for the amount of product that you receive. 


Overall, I like this lip stain. I don't love it, but I may wear it again. I like the hydration and moisture it gives my lips. I really wish it were the color that I thought it was because that would be very a beautiful color. I think that this would be a good lip stain to wear when you are at an outdoor event because it will last long, give you the moisture you need, and bring a little bit of color to your life! 

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