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Lugz Shifter – The Wear Everywhere Boots

Women's Lugz Shifter Boots

Lugz is a very popular brand and for a very good reason. They are known for their heavy duty and top quality boots, as well as their comfortable clothing. If you're anything like me, you first learned about Lugz from seeing them in the music scene. Lugz were and still are very popular in the rap/hip-hop community. Lugz isn't only an Urban style though. Their boots are really great to use as outdoor work boots! Whether you are looking for a work boot or something stylish, Lugz has a little something for everyone.

Women's Lugz Shifter Boots #MothersDayGiftGuide

The Lugz Shifter Fur boots are the first pair of Lugz that I have ever owned. I picked them out for my mom. Her and I wear the same size and I knew that she would love them (and need them). My mom is always on the move, so she runs shoes down easily. Sneakers just don't do it for her. She needs a good quality pair of boots that will last her more than a few months. I chose the Shifter Lugz because, well, look at them! They are black and have fur. Enough said.

Lugz Shifters Alternative View

The boots are just beautiful. I opened the box and I literally hugged them. They are so soft. I couldn't resist. I was worried that they would look bulky or big on. They aren't at all. They look so stylish and fashionable. I say that these are the wear everywhere boots because they can be worn anywhere and everywhere. They aren't too hot, which was another concern. They allow your feet to breathe, but provide you the right amount of durability and comfort for you to feel safe wearing them on any of your ventures. The sole is very thick, protecting your feet from any terrain. The cushioned insoles are one of my favorite features of the Lugz Shifter boots. If you have a durable boot, you need a comfortable insole. The metal Lugz logo is really nice. I love that they add a little extra flare to their items. My mother and I wear size 6 and they fit true to size. They aren't too snug and aren't too loose. They are just right!

Lugz Shifter Boots- BEAUTIFUL!

I've always heard great things about the Lugz brand. I wasn't sure that I would like the women's lugz, but they are REALLY nice. The quality is impeccable and the style is to die for. I could definitely see myself wearing these to the next music festival with a pair of funky leggings or for a casual night out with a pair of jeans. All I have to say is my mother sure is spoiled!Lugz Shifter Boots

Spoil Mom this year for Mother's Day! Buy her a pair of Lugz Shifter boots and rock her world. She will be so excited to have a pair of boots that will last a very long time! They are comfortable, durable, stylish, and an incredible gift! They come in black and Golden Wheat!

Lugz Shifters

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  1. Cindy S. says:

    Those are super cute. They look warm and cozy too!

  2. Cynthia C says:

    As much as I hate to think about it, winter will return and these boots look like just what I need to keep my feet cozy. Thanks for the review.

  3. Judy Schechter says:

    The boots are very cute, especially the ones with the fur! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  4. Susan Smith says:

    These boots are great! It gets cold here and I really like how rugged yet very stylish they look.

  5. Barrie says:

    I have a pair of high winter boots for snow from Lugz and they ARE high quality and very comfy. I love these boots with your outfit, the boots look awesome and I know my teen would want a pair besides me!

  6. Penni says:

    I love these awesome boots – for their style, their comfort, and their durability! I can always count on Lugz for all of it!

  7. Sonal says:

    These boots are so cute! I especially love the fur around the ankles. I love that the soles are thick and the boots are durable. They are stylish and cute, yet thick and durable enough to go on hikes and trails.

  8. cylina williams says:

    These boots are so cute, I really like them!

  9. Kim Hampton says:

    I love these! They would be perfect for hiking.

  10. Felice Raina says:

    These boots are so cute and comfy. I normally wear more stylish either knee high or ankle boots but these looks perfect for when it’s snowing in Connecticut ♥

  11. Danny Garza says:

    Need a new pair of boots to spoil Mom this year!

  12. Rhonda Scott says:

    Thanks for the review. I have a pair of Lugz and I agree they are great. Love the fur on these.

  13. I love those boots! I’m a big fan of practical footwear that still looks good. I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe but would much prefer them to runners…
    Gah, now I want to shop -_- lol

  14. Breanna says:

    Those boots look so warm! They also look very comfortable, which is always a plus! Great choice for you! 🙂

  15. I LOVE these boots and wish they were available where I live! They look very comfortable and practical indeed!

  16. Angelic Sinova says:

    Love, love, LOVE those boots! I’m obsessed with boots right now (especially ones that can transition from Spring to Fall) <3

  17. Jaime Nicole says:

    Those boots look like they would be great for stylish hiking! I can always you extra traction and we can all use extra style!

  18. Briton says:

    These look cozy for cooler weather! They also seem like great quality boots that would last several years!

  19. Dogvills says:

    Those boots are super cute. They are perfect for hiking and walking.. They look very comfortable

  20. Pam H. says:

    I really like the style of the Lugz Shifter Boots and would definitely wear them.

  21. Preston Chapman says:

    Lugz makes some great shoes

  22. Tessa Smith says:

    I love these boots! They are super cute and look great on you! These would be awesome for Spring and Fall in New York! I am going to head over and enter to win some now! 🙂

  23. Franc Ramon says:

    It looks really durable and long lasting. It looks like it can go to any surface and have a good traction.

  24. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I so want a pair of Lugz boots. These are so adorable and look so comfy. I have to check them out indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Laura says:

    These boots are super cute! I’m surprised how much I actually like them 🙂

  26. Those Lugz look like they would go with so many outfits!! I have heard great things about them, it may be time to try them out!

  27. I’ve owned a pair of Lugz in the past and I love them. They are great for hiking and also in the winter. Hoping to win 🙂 Cute pair by the way.

  28. Kristen says:

    Very cute! I need a pair for next Autumn!

  29. Heather McKenzie Carter says:

    I love these! I would wear them out hiking and still look adorbs!

  30. I love your style. These boots are so cute. I know you said you were giving them to your mom and that’s is so sweet, but you should keep them for yourself. 😉

  31. Liz Mays says:

    These boots are really cute. They would be great for any situation. I love that style!

  32. Great review! I’ve never heard of this brand before but it looks like a great product!

  33. Love the fur! I think you’re right as I’ve only seen the Lugz brand with hip hop and rappers. They do look nice, and I love a good shoe with a soft insole.

  34. I would like to win those gorgeous Lugz.

  35. Sandy Cain says:

    These sure look great, and I know LUGZ means top quality! I love that they have a good tread on the bottom. The ice is so bad to walk on in the winter, but these would keep me from slipping.

  36. These look like really cute and comfortable boots. I’ve never tried this brand before, but reading about it, it sounds like a great kind to get!

  37. Ashley says:

    I absolutely love Lugz boots! These ones look gorgeous and I think I will definitely be having to add it into my collection soon 🙂 You can never go wrong with this brand!

  38. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    These boots are great! I really like how rugged yet very stylish they look! I really like how they look with leggings.

  39. Gladys Parker says:

    Awesome boots, you wear them great. We love our Lugz too. You’ll really enjoy sporting them. Thanks for sharing I hadn’t paid any mind to this pair. They are gorgeous.

  40. I’ve always wanted lugz boots and the pair you have would be perfect for my wardrobe. Thanks so much for sharing, I might just have to gift myself a pair. I love shoes & boots that I can wear everywhere.

  41. Kimberly Flickinger (@kaflickinger74) says:

    I sure could have used a pair of these boots this past winter. Thank you for sharing your review.

  42. robin duboise says:

    Cute!!! I would of never of checked out a pair of boots like those but you made them look and sound so cute and fashionable. Hope I win a pair;)

  43. Theresa Thomas says:

    My boots finally gave out this winter so I am in need of a new pair and these would do nicely 🙂

  44. Ashley C says:

    These boots are absolutely gorgeous! They look like they would be so comfortable and keep your feet protected from the elements. Lugz is a great brand, so the quality is going to be great, regardless of the look of the shoe.

  45. THIS is a nice review and the lugz boot is the top of the line

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