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My Favorite Summer Dress – Karina Dresses

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Karina Dresses Spring 2015
So, I have lost 11lbs in the past 3 months and I am feeling absolutely incredible. A few weeks ago I decided to sort through my closet and try on the dresses that I never wear. I wanted to see if the dresses actually fit my properly now that I have lost weight. After trying on all of my fabulous dresses, I realized that I was in desperate need of a comfortable Summer dress. So the hunt began. 

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Karina Dresses - Ruby Red With Micro Dots

I wanted something cool, retro, and something that made my body look great! I wouldn't consider myself a curvy girl, but I've got a little something going on over here. haha. Basically, I wanted something that wasn't too short or too low cut. Then I found Karina Dresses. I was like a child in a candy store. Their dresses are so fabulous. Ahh. I just cannot explain my excitement! They have 10 different styles and a ton of different colors and designs. After spending a good 30 minutes on their website, I settled on one incredible dressThe Red With Micro Dots Ruby Dress

Karina Dresses - Ruby Red With Micro Dots

The style of the Ruby Dress has a very retro, homemaker feel to it. The neckline isn't too low cut and the waist has a tie, so it clings to your body very nicely. The skirt flares nicely and is just below the knee. Something about the way it hangs, really catches my eye. I chose the Red With Micro Dots color because I need a pretty red dress and well, it makes me think of Lucille Ball, whom I adore. 

Karina Dresses - Ruby Red With Micro Dots (4)

When the dress arrived I was completely ecstatic! The first thing I noticed was how lovely the material was. It's very smooth and lightweight. The material is thin, so it's perfect for summer. I inspected the dress to make sure that it was constructed well. I don't have one complaint. It's seriously so perfect for me. 

Karina Dresses - Ruby Red With Micro Dots (2)

The fit is absolutely perfect for my body, which never happens by the way. I am a 36 inch chest, 31 inch waist, and 35.5 inch hips. It really fits right in every part of my body. The v-neck offers the perfect amount of coverage for me. It's not revealing at all, unless I want it to be. They way the neckline is, you can add a little cleavage if you want. The waist wasn't too tight either. I was able to tie the pretty wrap around my waist and show off my body in all the right ways. The skirt isn't too wide either. Because of the material, it flows down my body nicely. It doesn't look odd or make me look pregnant like some dresses do. I was so excited about the length too. I always worry about my dresses being too long or too short. This hangs at a very comfortable and appealing length. I give credit to their size chart for this dress. I chose the size based on their chart and it really fits true to size. 

Karina Dresses - Ruby Red With Micro Dots (1)

This dress is comfortable, cool, and makes me feel beautiful. I wore it on my 2 year anniversary and it fit right into our date – an I Love Lucy broadway show!! The funny thing is that this was a surprise to me! The dress fit right in. I felt like I belonged in the show. I paired it with tan pair of wedges and a cute retro handbag. The lovely thing about this dress is that it would look great with pumps, flats, heels, or wedges! You can dress it up or dress it down. It's definitely a day-to-night dress. 

Karina Dresses - Ruby Red With Micro Dots (3)

Karina Dresses is absolutely lovely. They have a ton of gorgeous dresses that I'd like to add to my wardrobe, especially the Sky Chevron Penelope! Can you say sexy? Ahh! I need it! Their dresses are beautiful, stylish, well made, and great for all seasons!

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Summer Fashion Roundup

Karina Dresses Spring 2015

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  2. Sam Sly says:

    You look amazing! I am so jealous. I have been wanting a Karina dress for ages and am waiting until I can afford one. I also love wrap dresses and red dresses. That dress is perfect! It looks perfect for an I love Lucy Show. You are too cute! LOL!

  3. Swati says:

    I love the style, color as well as the design pattern of the dress! It reminds me of the 80’s.

  4. Jeana B. says:

    How I wish I have the motivation to lose weight too. Good for you though 🙂 And that dress looks great on you!

  5. I freaking LOVE this dress! You look absolutely stunning in it. It has such a classic look and that is right up my alley. The lines fall on you perfectly. Love the wrap around tie too.

  6. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg I can definitely see why this dress is your favorite. I absolutely love it. Would be perfect for Sunday brunch 🙂

  7. Rosey says:

    That’s a great looking dress for summer. I like the red too, it’s very festive and pretty!

  8. Victoria says:

    I love the red polka dots! And I love I love Lucy Too!!

  9. Cute – love a wrap style dress. Usually wear maxi dresses, but this is a great option for a short dress. Thanks.

  10. Absolutely love the colour! It looks stunning on you. I so want a dress like this. It’s so my style.

  11. Congrats on the weight loss and that is such a beautiful dress and you look gorgeous

  12. Alanna Wong says:

    I love the dress and color on you!! You look so pretty!! I want to get one of those dresses! 🙂

  13. Franc Ramon says:

    You look so pretty in your dress. It’s nice that it’s comfortable which is perfect for summer.

  14. Tammileetips says:

    That dress looks so cute on you! I love the style of Karina dresses!

  15. I am a sucker for all things polka dot! Very cute dress, and great job on the weight loss!

  16. I love the dress and you look gorgeous. Red suits you.

  17. First of all, congrats on the 11 pounds lost!!!!!

    That dress is really pretty. Before starting to read it your post it instantly made me think of I Love Lucy lol! The red dress with white dots definitely screams retro and classic! Love it. I also like the shape, your body looks amazing with it. And the length is just perfect for my taste. I would match it with my nude pumps and wear it for any family gathering during the Holidays!! (I don’t go out that much lol only to the grocery store, so… )

  18. I am completely in love with that dress! And it looks really goof on you. I was happy to see that they had my size. I really wish I could afford to get new clothes. If/when I lose some weight, maybe I’ll get one to reward myself. 🙂

  19. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    Congratulations on the weightloss, that is amazing and you look great! That dress is beautiful, it reminds me of summer strawberry picking, just perfect 🙂

  20. Michele says:

    Karina does have some really nice dresses. i am with you–I like my dresses to be either at the knee or a bit below. Love that red color on you!

  21. Angelic Sinova says:

    Congrats on losing 11 pounds, you go girl! That dress is so cute and it looks AMAZING on you <3

  22. kandice says:

    this is really pretty, I have been in dire need of new clothes, Im going to check out their dresser now!!

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