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Signs That I’m Getting Old #BehindTheBlogger

Signs That I'm Getting Old

Sometimes I sit back and think, “Man, I am getting old because these people annoy me!” haha I think about a lot about it actually. In this week's writing prompt hop, I will be sharing the “Signs that I'm getting old”. It's pretty obvious and sometimes it gives me a laugh. Enjoy!

I know that I am getting old when…

  • I'd rather not leave my house. Some days I avoid it at all costs. I will make excuses, I will wine, I will complain. It's funny how this is a sign that I am getting older, but it sounds like I am a child. haha. I would rather just enjoy the comfort of my own home than deal with society. 
  • The music is TOO loud! Loud music ANNOYS me now (unless it's live). I used to love deep bass and loud music. My friends and I would yell to each other over the music instead of turning it down. It was never loud enough then and now I am like, “Yo! Is that really necessary!?”
  • Ummm white hair. I have white hairs…. at 26!!! Ugh! If that isn't a sign then I don't know what is. 
  • I find myself talking about the hoodlums. Yep. That's right! You know the type… the young kids that run around thinking they are cool and that they know everything. The ones that run the streets at night and have no respect. I complain about them. I used to be one of them… I think it's undeniable that I will NOT be the “cool” parent. 
  • I am not as brave as I once was. I would have done anything when I was a teenager. I jumped off of bridges and trees into the river (it's a country thing). I LIVED to ride roller coasters! If you were speeding with me in the car, I would urge you to go faster. I loved the thrill of everything and now I am afraid of everything haha. I can't ride a roller coaster without rethinking it 5 times in my head. haha. 
  • I prefer comfort over style. It's highly doubtful that you will ever catch me running around in a pair of heels on an average day. I used to ONLY wear heels. I would dance all night in the club in heels like it was nothing. I would suffer through the pain haha. Now, my clothing choices always have comfort in consideration. 
  • Speaking of the club, NEVER will I go to a club again. The thought of it exhausts me. Can I even dance anymore? Can I move like that still? Okay, I am aging myself a bit. I've got a little something in me, but no way would I spend all night in a club. I would be way too exhausted after an hour of dancing.
  • Oh and as for exhaustion, is it just me or does exhaustion come a lot earlier these days? Housework exhausts me and let's not even talk about a day of walking around an amusement park, which used to be my favorite place to be. I think I am getting old, people. I don't like it. 
  • My body doesn't accept massive amounts of food like it did before. haha. I used to eat and not gain a pound. Now I have to watch everything that I eat because it goes straight to the belly and the thighs… ugh. 
  • I don't care about what people think. Well, I kinda do. Let's be honest people, we all care just a little bit about what people think. The difference now is that I don't go out of my way to impress anyone. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I don't try to fit in and I don't try to stand out. I am just me. You can love it or leave it! 
  • I have patience. Some days (explicits) test me, but I think I'm pretty good at keeping my cool these days. I used to snap if you looked at me wrong. I had a lot of anger and a short fuse as a teenager, but now I keep my mouth shut when I need to. Trust me, my thoughts aren't quiet at all. On a daily basis I say one or all of the following: “People are SO stupid. OMG will you shut up already! Who the hell cares!? Umm do you even know what you are talking about? Really!? Did She really just say that! Can people just get over crap already!” Okay, I could keep going but I am already incriminating myself hehe. 
  • Lack of intelligence KILLS me. I thought it was cool when people spelled things wrong and used a certain slang. NOW it annoys the hell out of me. I'm like, “Hello! We grew up together. We went to the SAME schools. How do you not know how to talk? You are smarter than that! You know how to talk. Stop making yourself look unintelligent.”


Okay, I better stop here. At this point, I don't know if I am really describing the “signs that I am getting old” or if I am just complaining… lol 

What are your signs that you're getting old? Can you relate to any of mine?

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  1. Dani says:

    I totally agree with all these points! It was almost like you were reading my mind! LOL I do love comfort over style, and definitely do not EVER want to go clubbing…. EVER!

  2. I’ve got to say, I can relayer to most, if not all, of what you’ve listed. Especially being annoyed with kids for doing the exact same stuff that I used to do. And the food. I miss my teenage digestive system.

  3. lmao!! That’s too funny! I love it! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I look forward to reading yours!

  4. Shandi Dews says:

    ah, its pretty safe to say, you are my twin! After all of these Behind The Blogger posts, I have seen myself in just about everything you write! I love it! I was the same way, loud music, fast cars, a hoodlum…that was me. Now? for Pete’s Sake, turn that crap down, slow down, and why are there kids playing outside after dark? (at 8:30) Lol!

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