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Why a simple act of kindness is always remembered

Have you ever seen an opening to do something kind, but ignored it because maybe you felt uncomfortable or too embarrassed? Being the empath that I am, I remember all of the moments I didn't taken advantage of. I remember every single time that I had a chance to help someone and I didn't. Maybe it was inconvenient. Maybe I was with people who didn't believe in it. I remember the moments that I didn't commit a simple act of kindness for no good reason. I don't keep track of all the times I've helped people. I keep track of the times that I didn't. I am not a pessimist, at all. I make it a point to find the bright side of every situation. When it comes to this, however, I remember the times I didn't help because I want to remind myself of to always take advantage of an opportunity to help someone. 

why a simple act of kindness is always remembered

A simple act of kindness that I will remember forever

I've previously mentioned that I am always thinking. There are times when my thoughts get carried away to the most random memories. I've been through a lot in my life, making so many incredible memories. As we grow older, our minds store away some memories and it seems like some are completely thrown away (like where my damn keys are). It's funny how the simple acts of kindness always have always stayed with me. There are small things people have done for me that they most likely never thought twice about, things that I will remember forever.

There are small things people have done for me that they most likely never thought twice about, things that I will remember forever.

I was watching an episode of my favorite show, “What Would You Do?” the other day. This specific episode touched on bullying. I started to think about a time when I was bullied in high school. I was not a popular kid, but I always seemed to date the popular boys. I was dating a boy and had pictures of him in my binder (it was kinda the it thing to do in high school). I had a girl (and her friends, of course) threaten me about the photos, trying to bully me to get rid of the pictures. After an altercation in the hallway, I walked into my next class. I remember being very upset, embarrassed, and feeling alone. I was early to class, so not many students were in there yet. My teacher walked up to me, knelt down to my level, and asked me if I was okay. She asked if there was anything she could do and asked about the students that were bullying me.

It was a moment I will remember forever because I was a child that was kind of lost in the system. I didn't have parents pushing me to go to school, so I basically skipped school all the time. There was never a time when my teachers asked me why I wasn't at school. I was never asked about my anger or why a Straight A Student suddenly wasn't trying anymore. I never had a counselor talk to me, even after the failing and fighting. This teacher was the only one to ever notice me. She wasn't forced to do this or even expected to (let's hope schools have changed). It was out of the kindness of her heart. She could have just turned her head. She could have just passed it off as high school drama, but she didn't.

It was out of the kindness of her heart. She could have just turned her head… but she didn't.

A simple act of kindness is always remembered. 

That is why we should take every chance we get to commit a simple act of kindness. You never know how you can change someone's life just by giving a helping hand, complimenting them, smiling at them, sparing some cash, or standing up for them. We are humans. It's our job! We should always have each other's backs. Sometimes it's important to not mind your own business. Sometimes a simple act of kindness isn't so simple gives more than a simple feeling. We're all in this together, after all. 

What simple act of kindness will you remember forever?

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