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2015 Graduation Gift Guide

2015 Graduation Gift Guide Featured Image

Welcome to another #TwoBlogsFunGuide! We are presenting the 2015 Graduation Gift Guide for all of our future graduates! We have items that they can use as they begins their lives in the real world! These items are perfect high school or college graduates! Each item on this guide was personally tested and approved by one or the both bloggers: Women and Their Pretties or Mama Smiths. Please enjoy and remember to keep coming back because new items are added daily!


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Hot Pink Casio Graphing Calculator
Hot Pink Casio Graphing Calculator

The Casio fx-9750GIIPK Graphing Calculator is a PERFECT gift ideas for high school or college graduates. As they are branching out into the world, it is important that you inspire them to keep going.I recommend this calculator for high school and college graduates because sometimes you need a little encouragement to keep learning and to push yourself to do something more.

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Blick Art Materials
Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 5.51.17 PM

Blick is an art supply company that provides one of the largest arts and crafts selection that I have ever seen. They have Blick brand products and many other popular brands like Martha Stewart. This is a perfect gift idea for graduates heading to college!

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3D Light FX

If you want to make a boys day this Easter, pick up some of these lights. I promise he will not be disappointed. They actually have a ton of different characters to choose from, other than the Avengers collections, so you can buy for any age or gender!

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Aluminyze Aluminum ArtAluminyze

I think Aluminyze prints are a great idea for graduation gifts. They aren't too “girly” and would fit right into a college dorm or into a nice apartment. Give a picture of the family to your college graduate for them to remember every day that they are away.

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Pure Jongo Speakers

Pure Jongo Wireless Speakers

If your loved one is headed off to college or to their own apartment, then they need a speaker system where they can listen to music easily through their phone. With four products to choose from, users can simply choose any combination of Jongo speakers to build a powerful system and listen to beautifully synchronized music in a single or multiroom environment, including BOTH wireless and Bluetooth streaming. 

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Freshman Fabulous

The Freshman Fabulous

The Freshman Fabulous: The Girl’s Guide to College, is a humorous, helpful and honest interactive guide written by a recent grad, for the future grad. It’s filled with real stories and advice ranging from what to wear on your first day of class, what to do when you fail a test, how to get internships, what to eat at the dining halls, dating on campus, roommate troubles and safety on campus. 

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Ill Miss You Too

I'll Miss You Too

I'll Miss You Too is an Off-to-college guide for Parents & Students written by a mother/daughter team. Though most of the advice is common sense (communication and negotiation are the threads that hold together the book) and the dueling authors share a love of exclamation points and seem to be contestants in a congeniality contest, parents having a hard time understanding what’s going on inside their college student child’s head or wanting reassurance that their feelings of loneliness, worry and dread aren’t unique would do well to pick up this perky book.

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Glow-ology is made in the U.S. (California) with natural and organic ingredients carefully selected based on proven historical data and sourced from around the world. The Glow-ology collection is animal friendly, contains no animal ingredients (except beeswax, wildflower honey and milk,) and is never tested on animals. Glow-ology products never contain parabens, dyes, petrochemicals, GMOs, sulfates, triclosan, phthalates or formaldehyde donors. Formulated for the utmost sensitive skin, Glow-ology skin care products are clinically tested and hypoallergenic.

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All Posters Logo

You name a poster or print and is sure to have it! Along with carrying thousands of posters, they also carry fun items like t-shirts and cell phone cases that any recent grad is sure to love. Help them show off their personality in their dorm room or apartment with!
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Flip Subtract Frame

The Flip Frame

The Flip Frame simply flips open and snaps down onto your images and art, holding them in place perfectly. The days of taking your frames apart and trying to get your images to stay in place are OVER!The quality is impeccable and the design is like no other. I love that it is minimal and simple, making it the perfect addition to any home or apartment.

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The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club

This club is a monthly subscription service wine club. Each month, members receive two bottles of wine. There are three different levels to choose from: Premier Series, Signature Series, International Series, Aged Cabernet Series, & Pacific Northwest Series. The California Wine Club exclusively supports family-owned and boutique wineries. These wineries produce artisanal wine and often fewer than 10,000 cases a year.

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Prettie Girls

Prettie Girls

These dolls would make a great graduation gift for those moving on to Elementary or Middle School. Although they hail from different cultural backgrounds, each girl embodies the positive and aspirational attributes that every little girl can embrace. As young grads get ready to take their next step, a Prettie Girl! Doll can be their toy, friend and positive role model, who offers a glimpse into their biggest and brightest dreams by getting good grades, helping their communities and taking their futures seriously.

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Silverlit Nano Helicopter

Silverlit Nano Falcon Helicopter

Named by Guinness World Records as the smallest RC helicopter model; this 3 channel indoor helicopter flies in all directions with a built-in Gyro Stabilizer that makes flying easier. Includes storage/carrying case which converts to a landing pad. This would be a great gift for any special graduate!

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Since it is Graduation season, I'd like to suggest for your to send your grad away with a CVS care package! Since CVS has a little bit of everything, you can really create a customized package for your grad. They will be heading to college or to get a place of their own. With so much on their mind, the last thing that they are thinking of is preparing for sick days. I mean, at that age, we all thought we were invincible. Below are some ideas for an incredible grad care package and all of the items can be bought exclusively from CVS. 

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