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10 Positive Affirmations for Teens and Young Adults (Free Printables)

We are our own worst critics. This especially rings true for those of us just entering the world as individuals. That's why positive affirmations for teens and young adults are so important.

Keep reading to grab the free printable affirmations for teens and young adults.

How To Use Positive Affirmations for Teens and Young Adults

Affirmations, or mantras, are sayings that can be repeated regularly in an effort to train the brain to think these things. You are what you think and as I've said many times before, the brain is a powerful thing.

It's easy to believe the negative things society and social media feeds us. In fact, we tend to remember the negative comments more than the positive ones.

As a young adult, or teenager, we are new to doing things on our own. The world is basically in the palms of our hands. However, that can feel extremely overwhelming.

Because of my mother-driven audience, I made a list of affirmations that can be spoken to the teenager or young adult who is struggle.

However, if you're the one in-need of these reminders, simply change “you” to “I”.

Affirmations for Teen Boys and Girls

How To Make Affirmations Work

I'll be honest with you – affirmations sound great and easy but they wont actually work unless they are put to good use. Here are some tips for getting words of encouragement to actually work:

  • Repeat it often.

  • If you're using affirmations on yourself, speak them as if you were telling them to the person you love the most. “You are valuable” feels more meaningful when you're saying it to your grandmother. Picture the person and then switch it to yourself.

  • Print out the affirmations and hang them on the wall!

  • Have an open conversation about each affirmation.

  • Combine them with other positive thinking exercises.

  • Speak the affirmations aloud and have the recipient say it back to you. I do this with my toddler and I promise you, he believes it!

Now that you've got some tools in your belt, let's go through these affirmations for young adults.

Positive Mantra for teens young adults

10 Positive Affirmations for Teens and Young Adults

Please know that these are just a starting point and can easily be reworded or built upon for the teenager or young adult you're encouraging.

1. “You are capable of accomplishing anything.”

One major struggle at this stage in life is trying to decide what path to take. These individuals are choosing jobs and careers. They are likely questioning if they are on the right path.

This makes it the perfect time to remind them that they can truly have anything they desire. Hard work pays off.

2. “It's okay to make mistakes and to change your mind.”

Likewise, you may want to remind the young adult that it's okay to make mistakes. In fact, mistakes are known to lead to great things. Allow them to make mistakes, fail, and change their minds without criticism or judgement.

3. “Your individuality is sought after.”

By this age, our personalities are heavily developed. While there's always room for growth, we are who we are – and that's wonderful. Being different can feel very uncomfortable for someone who isn't sure about life yet.

Remind them that being an individual is the most honest and beautiful thing they can do. Being different means that they will attract

4. “You have great ideas.”

This is the age to lust for life. As teens are transitioning into young adulthood, their minds are a fun place. Remind them that their ideas are worth remembering and will take them to great places! Every business started with an idea that one person believed in.

5. “Your opinion matters.”

Having an opinion and expressing it at the right time (and in the right way) is part of being an active member of society. This is the only way to make changes, get to know people, and have healthy & open conversations.

Our opinions are what set us apart from others – remind them of that.

6. “Your feelings are relevant.”

More importantly, I want every young adult to know that their feelings are relevant. With new friendships and relationships blossoming, one's feelings may get lost. Gaslighting and narcissism may be experienced at this age too, so I recommend repeating this affirmation as much as possible.

Nobody who you are or what someone's intentions were/are, remembering that your feelings are real is very important! Self confidence can be directly linked to how one feels about himself.

Be sure the teen or young adult never thinks their feelings are overdramatic or “stupid”. You can show them this by listening carefully when they are expressing their feelings.

7. “Nobody knows you better than you know yourself.”

I feel as if this positive affirmation for teens is one of the most important because you're reminding them to look for answers from within Breaking childhood habits of turning to mentors or parents for every little decision can be difficult.

While I always recommend a little guidance, it's important that you aren't giving them all the answers. We need to teach them to believe in themselves and to trust their inner voice.

8. “You offer a unique perspective.”

Every experience up to this point has created a unique perspective. Sometimes, we just need a reminder that we offer a perspective that nobody else in the world has. That perspective has potential to change the world.

9. “You can make important decisions.”

Choosing a career, getting a car, starting a job, renting an apartment. This is a major time in one's life. Without the right support, someone at this age may feel doubtful of their decisions.

Remind them that they don't need permission or help in making those big, important decisions. They have the tools within them to make the choices that are right for them.

10. “You deserve to love yourself.”

Comparison and self-doubt are at an all-time-high when you're young and exploring life. A simple comment can be detrimental to one's self-confidence if there's not already a strong foundation.

Never stop reminding them that loving themselves is more important than anything else in life. By consistently repeating all of the other affirmations, this one should come more naturally.

Grab the free printable affirmations by clicking the links below:

If you're a mother or a mentor, you must live by example. No matter their age, our children will always seek guidance from us and it doesn't always come in the form of a question. With that said, we need to show them self-love by living a life that is full.

Join the But First, Joy Facebook Group for a team of like-minded individuals who will help guide you on your path to self-love and personal development.

Likewise, you can use the following resources to jumpstart your journey of growth!

If you have any other ideas for positive affirmations for teens or young adults, tell me in the comments below – or jump in the Facebook group and start a conversation!

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