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Spring Family Fun Night Guide

Spring Family Fun Night Guide #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Welcome to the Spring Family Fun Night Guide. Women and Their Pretties and Mama Smiths has brought to you another Fun Guide! In celebration of better weather and more time for family fun, we have teamed up to create the Spring Family Fun Night Guide. This guide contains items tested and approved by us, unless otherwise stated. Whether you prefer outside play or indoor fun we have gathered the best products for you! We hope you enjoy our guide and keep coming back to visit because we will be adding items from March until the end of May, 2015. 


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Kernel Season's Logo

Kernel Season's Popcorn Salts & More

Kernel Seasons is a wonderful company that offers a variety of products to add some (literal) flavor to your popcorn. For a reasonable price you can purchase popcorn seasoning salts, popcorn kits, party gifts, popcorn oils, and much more! The idea of adding flavor to your popcorn is pretty genius if you ask me. This is the perfect addition to the Spring Family Fun Night Snack Guide!

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Their popcorn is made with a whole lot of tender, love, and care. The best part is that it shows in the great products that they create. With each bite you can feel the love that was put into making this fluffy and delicious popcorn. I recommend the G.H Cretors Chicago mix popcorn for your Family Fun Nights! It's a great snack that everyone will love!

Purchase Here
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Gourmet Nut SnacksGourmet Nut: A Healthy Snack for Families

I recommend these for healthy snacks for holidays, birthdays, or just an every day event! They are great for family fun nights because it is something that this entire family will enjoy.

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Community CoffeeMake Community Coffee a Tradition

I suggest that you adopt Community Coffee as your new traditional beverage. Enjoy a nice cup during Family Fun Night or on Christmas morning. It fits right into any other holiday traditions that you may have!

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Seponifiq Sauceseponifiq-sepo-sauce-600x600

I recommend using this sauce for your next Family Fun Night! It would be a great idea to have a creative contest to see who can come up with the best recipe! The entire family will enjoy the Sepo Sauce!

Purchase Here
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make n bake pizza

Make N Bake Pizza

Since it is so easy to make, it is great for kids to make with you! They will love being your kitchen helper. This is also great for parties, get togethers, and holidays because of how quick and easy it is to make and bake!

Purchase in the Dairy Aisle of your local Walmart!

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Wholly Wholesome Pie

Wholly Wholesome Pies

Wholly Wholesome Baked Goods not only delicious, they are healthy indulgences. The brand is also certified Kosher and Yoshon, and offers gluten free products within its robust line of ready to bake pies, ready to bake cakes, pizza dough balls and a variety of other healthy baked goods.

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Pirates Booty

Pirate's Booty

Pirate's Booty offers a wide variety of family snacks that are a healthier option but still taste great! They are gluten free and certified kosher. It is something the whole family can enjoy!

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SWM_Play_StarterKit_Red_60LSodaStream + New Flavors

The SodaStream is easy to use and comes with a set of sample flavors so you can discover which ones are right for you. These sodas do not contain high fructose syrup, so they are better for you too! Impress your family and friends at your next get-together by turning plain water into delicious soda and other carbonated beverages with the SodaStream!

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Zoku Space Pop MoldsZK124_SpacePops_Main_REV_grande

These molds are perfectly for a family activity or a family fun night. They are quick and easy to do. They'd be perfect for the kids to help with!

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Spyder Ball

Franklin Spyder Ball

Franklin Spyder Ball is an active game that can be played on any surface. It includes a high performance net that you attach to a PVC round frame with legs. It includes 2 balls that you bounce off of the net toward your opponent. I would explain this as a twist on volleyball because you hit the ball back and forth and a net is involved. haha.

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Can ‘N Ball is a tossing game that includes 2 cans “cannons” and 2 felt tennis balls “cannon balls”. The object of the game is to catch the ball more times than your opponent, but you must play fair and see if you can master the perfect whipping motion for your overhand throw. You can bounce it off of the ground one time (which makes it much easier). This really is the ultimate tossing game and great for any family fun night!
Purchase Here
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Koala Capers

Educational Insights

Educational Insights is the perfect addition to any Family Fun Night with little ones! They have many games that are fun for ages 2 and up – and even their parents! These games promote learning, while everyone has a blast! Koala Capers teaches patterns, Shelby's Snack Shack teaches math, and Raccoon Rumpus teaches colors. If you are looking for a fun way to educate your children, look no further than Educational Insights! They have it all!

Purchase Here
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Read My List! GameReadMyList!

Another game for the family is the Read My List! Game. This game is a really fun game for the entire family. Tt's a perfect game to test and improve your memory because you have to recall facts. It's a great game for older kids and even for adults!

Read Our Reviews: Educational Insights: Educational Games for Family Fun Night / Read My List! Game
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Frozen Matching Game

Wonder Forge Games

If you are looking for a fun game for little ones, look no further than Wonder Forge Games. They have many games themed to your favorite Disney and Marvel characters to choose from! From Frozen, to Doc McStuffins, to Disney Fairies – they have it all! They even have Peanuts games! Visit Wonder Forge Games to find the perfect addition to your family fun nights today!

Purchase Here
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Colour Crown

Colour Crown

With this fun Colour Crown from Great Pretenders, kids can color and decorate their own princess tiara! There is even a photo holder on top for them to put their favorite picture. This set comes with tiara, fabric markers, and gem stickers. A fun addition to any Family Fun Night!

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Blick Art MaterialsScreen Shot 2015-03-27 at 5.51.17 PM

Blick is an art supply company that provides one of the largest arts and crafts selection that I have ever seen. They have Blick brand products and many other popular brands like Martha Stewart. They are perfect for family fun nights or for last minute projects.

Purchase Here
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Cheaters never prosper right? Well with the card game, TrickTrick, they do! The object of this game is to cheat and trick your way to the end! You are sure to have a blast playing this game! For up to 8 players.

Contribute and Purchase Here
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spot it

Spot It! Olaf

Spot It! is a great family game that teaches little ones shape, number, and letter recognition. Most kids can play all on their own making this a great game for family fun! You will be proud of them and they will be proud of themselves. Spot It! from Blue Orange Games comes in many different editions and can be played three different ways so you never get bored!

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Connect 4 Twist & TurnScreen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.04.57 AM

The inside of the tower holds all of the Connect 4 pieces, which is super cool and convenient. It would be perfect to travel with because of this. Connect 4 Twist & Turn is a lot more complicated than the original one because your opponent can sabotage you by twisting the tower and making your pieces fall into areas that you don’t want them to be.

Purchase Here
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thumbs up

Thumbs Up!

Race to scoop the loops! The goal is to be the first to stack different colored rings on your thumb, based on the order shown on a challenge card. This is not as easy as you think! The challenge cards will require each player to focus on the order of numbers and match their colors. Different variations of play make this a must have party game that is as fun for little ones as it is for the big ones!

Purchase Here
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chalk pens

Chalk Pens

These chalk markers are premium ink so they look great in thick and thin lines and they don’t drip or run! Perfect for drawing on windows, chalk boards, basically anything you want! They are not harmful for your kids and not harmful for the environment. Don’t worry moms – they are super easy to clean up too. Just wipe with a wet cloth and you are done.

Purchase Here
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Drop Shot Gamedropshot

This game is fun for children and adults. It’s easy to understand and it’s a real hoot. This is one of the most unique games in our household and one of the favorites! This is a great game for family fun nights!

Purchase Here
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Swing & Spin

Swing & Spin

The Swing and Spin brings back the fun of a classic tire swing while providing you and your family with a safe, durable and versatile backyard pastime. These swings are one of the safest swings on the market. Rated up to 540 pounds, every swing is made for the entire family to enjoy. Unlike the old traditional tire swing which is made from old rubber that doesn’t stand up to the elements, Swing and Spin uses high quality UV resistant Polyethylene, a highly durable thermoplastic used in products we rely on every day. The internal webbing-like design with the ropes not only makes for a more comfortable seat, but you don’t have to worry about little ones taking a tumble through the center hole. This webbing of rope also improves the weight tolerance and reinforces the core integrity of every tire swing they produce.

Purchase Here
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AT&T Unite

AT&T Unite

The AT&T Unite is perfect for creating a mobile hotpsot when you are traveling. Whether you are camping, staying in a hotel, or just on the road, AT&T is here for you. With two options to choose from – prepaid and ongoing – there is something for everyone. This summer, take AT&T with you and stay connected!

Purchase Here
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Whip N Skip

Sparkler Whip ‘N Skip

Kids love to move. GeoSpace's updated version of a classic toy from the 90s with LED lights has kids hopping like frenzied frogs for hours on end. Why is the Sparkler WHIP ‘N SKIP so mesmerizing? Though the basic movement is easy to learn, it’s a challenge to keep it going, a feat of balance, endurance, and coordination. And of course, it has motion-activated LED lights to the delight of kids.

Purchase Here
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